Katherine Jackson, Family Talk with Arizona Reporter

Aaron Brackett discusses time spent with the Jacksons as media rumors surge.
5:44 | 07/26/12

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Transcript for Katherine Jackson, Family Talk with Arizona Reporter
update you on the jackson family feud. Katherine jackson gave abc news a exclusive interview of sorts. Seeming to clear up rum theories she had been kidnapped by her own children. I'm here today to let everybody know I'm fine, and I'm here with my children. My children would never do a thing like that, holding me against my will. It's very stupid for people to think that. It's very strange, too, what we just saw. We want to talk to the reporter from our tucson station. Aaron, we welcome you to "good afternoon america." Good to be with you guys. We saw the interview, the We know you were not allowed to ask questions. It appeared very strange. You know, it was a little bit strange. We were there for about two hours of. All of that out of this entire encounter was about 4 minutes of video that you've seen. We showed up and I conversed with katherine for about 15 minute, figure from the weather, the tucson monsoon to the lunch she just had. She was very very friendly. It was only her that I saw for some time. She then disappeared and other family members came out to make it very, very clear, that she was to read a statement. That was to be it. There were to be no questions. And I asked janet could we ask a couple pre approved questions that they've seen, she said absolutely not. Seeming to toss fuel to the fire here. Did she appear, up close and personal, to be in good health? We see the video. To me, she did. Those 15 minutes I talked to her when I first arrived. She was standing and walking around. When we were talking at this villa. She did sit down. Her family members ushered her to take a seat. She said no, I'm fine. I can stand, I'm doing just fine. When the jacksons joined her, what was the feel? Did she seem relaxed? Did she seem like she was doing it in other own volition? Actually katherine seemed very relaxed. When before the cameras were turned on, we continued the conversation. It was more janet and jermaine more tightly wound about the situation. When she read the statement, she got a little off topic. And that's when her other family members kind of stepped in over her shoulder and helped her keep on focus. Help is one word for it. Aaron brackett, from our affiliate in tucson, we appreciate your time. Thank you. We want to walk in bonnie fuller. There's certainly a lot of ways to categorize what we saw. What is your reaction to it all? Completely and utterly bizarre. She looked very uncomfortable. Why was she reading from a statement? I think she doesn't want to get half her family in deep trouble. She's trying to protect them. But I think she knows they've done something wrong. So I think she - I think she wasn't looking like a hostage, but -- but, she was very guarded and they looked like they were guarding her. Do you think those were her words or written for her? I think they were written for her. But I think they are words of protection for her kids. Words of protection, yet we have this other generation of jacksons here, carlos, the three children, it had been paris taking to twitter now it's prince. Posting what seemed to be text messages between the family. Janet jackson here for something. What do you know? Michael jackson's kids play a prominent role in all of this and they're reacting. He sent a text message asking to speak with their grandmother now. Janet responded, don't let them please. If you believe the siblings, katherine went to the spa to get rest and close off communication with other people. The children are saying no, you're lying to me, and now lying about me. Because here's the text message. Here's proof. Again we learned it was within the hour that their temporary guardian. Tito joe jackson has reunited the three kids with the grandmother. What is the latest here with the I /- imbroglio between kristen stewart and robert pattinson. We've heard that she left the house. He's very upset. He worshipped the ground she walked on. Right now it doesn't look like they'll get together any time soon. Final note, do you think they'll get back together, bonnie? You know everything. I do.What we heard, he's angry, frustrated and he's humiliated, which of course he should be. But, he loves her. And they have met. Which is very awkward. I think she'll get him back. Because he does love her and she's been in love with her for years. Thank you, carlos, bonnie. Thank you so much for your insight.

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{"id":16863793,"title":"Katherine Jackson, Family Talk with Arizona Reporter","duration":"5:44","description":"Aaron Brackett discusses time spent with the Jacksons as media rumors surge.","url":"/GMA/video/katherine-jackson-family-talk-arizona-reporter-16863793","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}