Katie Couric on Her New Daytime Talk Show 'Katie'

Couric visits to preview her new ABC show.
3:00 | 09/07/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Katie Couric on Her New Daytime Talk Show 'Katie'
-- turn unless you act. It's starting when she called in new beginning in her life. We don't want our daytime talk show premiering this Monday she is -- -- dear friend a colleague and now. A -- of the program please welcome Katie her. I feel like it's the last day of school -- yeah yeah. -- kids are losing their minds. -- and I haven't been here tears your little studio so it's really -- got a nice big. Crowd of people which is so nice -- all of them here because they heard you were coming. -- -- -- -- Yeah. I have -- -- -- Ryan you know a lot of yeah I have okay. Really upsetting to. And we are not. Here you're almost -- out tonight now it's crazy I mean I'm very very excited with the build up has been hog. And that you know I've been working on for towards Monday's sense for over a year I'm really excited set. Just get in there and start doing are saying and he had been on -- fifteen city are actually -- sick 1516 city tour this summer visiting affiliates and talking to local stations and anchors -- And getting everyone locally excited about the show I -- and so now I'm just ready Ted Kennedy well my sleeves and get going do you get -- -- with the amazing career that you had -- -- -- -- get the -- yeah I do I do you know -- it's sort of like an out of body experience right -- I am quite nervous obviously you know but I think. It's up I was talking at Tony -- son the other day because I'm doing something for Tony -- prayers is arts foundation. And Danny said Tonioli says to these artists could he does southeast US now that if you're not a little bit nervous that means you don't care. So I think I'm the right kind of nervous and also very excited social tell us -- only see what's the -- well I think -- it's going to be a lot of variety I think that's one of the things that interest me about doing a talk show first thought to have that creative opportunity to build something from scratch but I think every -- is going to be different. And it's just to -- you kind of been an idea that on Monday Jessica Simpson's gonna come in and you know it's good to me it's not -- that it's it's a lot more than just you know losing your baby fat it's really about. Tenant building a healthy relationship with food. Dealing with life under the microscope this Jessica has the joys of motherhood isn't sure that's something -- want to talk about. And really trying to help the audience figure out you know how can we lead healthier lifestyle what are things that are helpful to Jessica that people can apply -- their lives as well. -- excited to see -- And says Sheryl -- gonna stop by Charles become -- good friend of mine because she's so cool and great and talented and she wrote are being sought. And you know she's fifty she's raising two little -- she's adopted on -- around she's just. She's just so fantastic she was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor recently she hasn't talked about that at all and then we've got. -- -- -- -- Yeah and we know we're doing a show about here well. EL James is -- mean a week from Monday how -- and yeah scary yeah. Yeah I you know says she'll be talking about what husbands are calling fifty shades of -- -- yeah. Are you use that. It's so funny but apparently has really -- -- -- -- up there yeah. And you need to read it for research yeah you know I I I read the first one and -- I'm I'm not quite as for racist about it if you are. OK. Let me. Saddam I issue -- yeah. I know -- -- Actually she can really cool story because here's this mom and now she's got two sons I have no tip they have any idea what she's been up to but -- But but here she is she was working -- in television in contracts and now she has sold 25 million. I need it is that she is such Horatio Alger story and I believe he's -- well yeah come on modern weaponry on every yeah -- going to let me exactly. But I think she's going to be so interesting to -- yeah. And when the president on and on to say about what's happening -- not happening in the bedrooms across around America and everywhere else so there's a fly on -- track I'll let you know -- On Monday and Tuesday all right ask what you can expect -- -- and congratulations yeah. Ladies and add the inner city audience go to -- credit dot com if -- your looking for looking for a place to beat them. -- -- At a town of the Connecticut enacted premieres Monday as he sent check your local list in -- -- current get a about it. Okay.

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{"id":17185206,"title":"Katie Couric on Her New Daytime Talk Show 'Katie'","duration":"3:00","description":"Couric visits to preview her new ABC show.","url":"/GMA/video/katie-couric-daytime-talk-show-katie-17185206","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}