Katie Couric Readies for Daytime TV Launch

Daytime TV's newest star chats about what we can expect on her first episode.
3:00 | 09/10/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Katie Couric Readies for Daytime TV Launch
A now we're just hours away from the launch of "katie." Katie couric's launch of her brand-new show on the new set. Katie, it's finally here, are you ready for this day? Oh, george. Of course, I'm ready. I'm ready already. You heard the music in the background. That's sheryl crow's theme song she wrote and recorded for us. So everybody around here is saying, are you ready for this day. But I think we all are and we're very excited, george. And you've got so many things planned for the first week. That's right, sheryl is going to stop by and jessica simpson will be here as well. The first tv interview since she had her baby in may. Of course, she's gotten a lot of publicity for the weight gain during her pregnancy and a lot of snarky tabloid headlines. I'm looking forward to talking to her. Amy copeland, you know amy's story, george, she barely survived the flesh eating bacteria. I have to be honest, she's one of the most inspiring people I've ever met. Her spirit and determination is just completely overwhelming. And also, heidi klum. We interviewed heidi last week. And she's been in the news a lot. With seal has had some things to say about heidi. And she really was incredibly candid and revealinghen she talked with me. That's next week. Jennifer lopez. And we have "fifty shades of grey," her husband said fifty shades of yea. I know lara loves that book. We're so excited. You've been working so hard. That is an amazing all-star lineup. I know you had a lot to do with the set. Show us around real quick. Real quickly, this set was designed by this incredible man named michael potauk. And we call this the beam, we can have an empty stage on this come out which is basically a seating area, so if I'm going to have an intimate conversation with somebody, we can do that. I don't know if you can see behind me, we can change the light color. Turn it into a disco if we want. I know you guys are new media over at "gma." You're not the only people in town with the touch screen, we want to make sure we stay in touch with people through social media. We've got our touch screen to keep in touch with people on twitter, facebook, and katiecouric.Com. It must be exciting to create something brand new? It really was. By the way, I feel like vanna white, george. It was really exciting. We put a staff together. We got to build the set. Even more importantly, we got to establish what we wanted to do here. What the tone would be. The guest we would want to have, the sense of community we want to develop through this show. We've got such a great variety of topics and guests. You know, it's been really fun. For all of us, it's kind of an emotional day because we've been here from the beginning to see us go from sitting around the table saying, hey, maybe we should do a show to actually come to fruition with guests, it's exciting. And the news as well? I think one of the great things about the show -- do you like how I walk in front of this -- I do. When news happen, when there's a big story, wee the day of. So if we want to blow out the show, if there's a big story, say, like a tragedy in aurora, colorado, and weant to take a look at what happened, we can take a look at that because we love covering breaking news as well. When warranted, we're definitely going to do that. You've done everything in television news right now. How is this different? Well, it's a start-up. I think it's because you're creating something from scratch, as much as I love working for networks, we don't have a lot of bureaucrats breathing down our necks telling us what to do. So we have a lot of creative freedom and I think that's what makes this so exciting. There are no rules here, as far as we're concerned. That is exciting. We're all excited for you. I know it's a big, big hit. A lot of abc stations. Katie, thanks a lot.

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{"id":17200491,"title":"Katie Couric Readies for Daytime TV Launch","duration":"3:00","description":"Daytime TV's newest star chats about what we can expect on her first episode.","url":"/GMA/video/katie-couric-show-news-anchor-readies-daytime-tv-17200491","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}