Katie Holmes Chats About Suri

Star chats about starring alongside Adam Sandler in new movie, "Jack and Jill."
4:51 | 11/08/11

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Transcript for Katie Holmes Chats About Suri
Katie Holmes has come out she's come so far from her days playing the teenager -- jelly on Dawson's Creek we loved her and that. She's a big movie star now -- -- one of the biggest superstars around a devoted mother of fashion icon. And her latest role is a brand new comedy would none other than Adam Sandler it's called Jack and GL -- toxic -- moment first take a look. Some twins have the strange powers sneaking feeling the other ones hurt all you can do. -- did not say how you don't beyond that. I didn't feel -- maybe he did it harder. -- are. -- Jill stop it he's kidding yeah. Yeah. -- Yeah I can't -- out of Eden but that -- and. I I actually did feel something there pride in my son. -- -- so happy to have -- here weapons it's great to see again think it's great to see I see you watching a little that there are -- -- you can't continue so you -- sort of laughing the whole time working with them. I was laughing the whole time and me I I had so much fun working on this and yet always -- -- -- and Adams and and all of his work and that scientists. I loved every minute being and -- said. Where you fit right in and there are -- eight. Case goes alpha chino and Shaq getting it going on and on and on and I know it really makes very. You know it just adds is the already dead feeling me have when you're watching the movie easy to see how these people that you love. And -- -- it was really fun needed to be apartments -- how to go about selecting to do this role because you're so. This thing you have so many things that are going on personally and professionally so what was -- about check in jail under -- Adam Sandler. -- that number one -- fan that rat and you know I have -- I don't think that's an -- years ago you really done a lot of comedy style is really exciting to go into this world and team. You know work -- that that's. When it's really exciting. And condemn the ad and such a great guy and I -- senate colleagues went to work with and then. I'm selling you get that politics -- Up up up up there -- forgot -- at the -- that's right you've got the best comedic chops but we also -- you for your fashion and you you never disappoint. They love what you're wearing at the premiere -- in jail and Los Angeles on Sunday and that was from -- Lines Holmes and Yang yet from singing how to -- this is going. It's going very well we that we started in 2009. And we make everything here in the garment district in new York and in Brooklyn. Really sound. It's important to us to -- -- ten maintenance cover that is now with we have Diane Sawyer on world news has -- soul -- in America. Series has been really well received. Series five she in no way -- -- Don't think this should help you with your facts and sources I heard the computer -- the story when you're shopping with her recently. Yet she doesn't she says and she's just says she's a sweetheart and she's so creative and artistic and she's just going up into it. -- him really lovely beautiful young girl. You recently said it and -- if you know she looks so every time we see her she's just happy and just like -- what the typical five year old in many ways. Read something recently and you said that you're ready for a new chapter. In your life what you mean by that what he won't get ready for the next phase that tell you for being you phrased it well you know I am. When I turned thirty and -- people -- Can get nervous about that -- I was actually excited because I felt like a good you know now I can think people pay attention to me you know and a lot of -- -- -- out. And -- I just feel like. And now ready for parts that may -- wasn't ready for my -- when he said you know there's a lot -- -- -- -- have a -- development and it's. -- -- an exciting time and again that it sank. Chad good time because the week we got to know -- as -- I'm on Dawson's Creek and there are so many people that wrote us that could do they know you're here and there -- no the girl pressed the biggest the -- right now and -- -- -- -- they're going to be a reunion. It's going to be a movie is -- going to be something that Dawson's Creek reunion I don't -- -- I have no idea they would be fun in. -- You know I have so much fun working on that show and I love. Ambulance so much and I think about it with such -- and -- some really great group of people everyone has done well really well and -- second most asked question. Do you want to be in -- film with your husband Tom. He now it says if it's the right thing and mean -- not. He's -- -- command imagine seeing you both together. Globe continued success in Pleasanton all that you do give the family our best and will be watching thank they -- ridiculous to -- -- CCK.

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{"id":14903930,"title":"Katie Holmes Chats About Suri","duration":"4:51","description":"Star chats about starring alongside Adam Sandler in new movie, \"Jack and Jill.\"","url":"/GMA/video/katie-holmes-suri-tom-cruise-adam-sandler-movie-14903930","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}