Katie's Tips for Killer Legs

David Kirsch came by to teach Katie how to obtain legs like Kate Upton and Heidi Klum.
3:00 | 12/20/13

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Transcript for Katie's Tips for Killer Legs
-- stronger longer leaner thighs he doesn't coming up we're gonna show you the work out and instigate killer legs and why he's on the mess lakes in Hollywood like Heidi claiming Kate apt and well we have the secret to their success celebrity fitness some ominous expert to the stars. David Kirsch is here. He's going to give us some -- on how it's on get those eight lists links. Seriously gate I'm art aegis form what they -- playing out sexy tone long and lean. Really eight five minutes you'll see it seriously you're totally fell -- so when -- come. You don't ever say honey now it's genetic no never ever ever really know but it -- not there's not a one size fit all right and -- -- visualize the legs you wanna have a right whether its high eighties or cage served well don't have to like -- -- letter to to have Heidi we know -- icu where crazy shoes -- -- high -- you got the land. And you you have you had the genetic you have -- shape there -- somewhere somewhere and there when talking about diet and how important is that it to having great. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- She's shorter and she's got hips and and thicker thighs. And she's not working out properly. You know she's doing a lot of -- and -- stopped. No spots. No traditional squads we want to create I said. Visualize I wanna window usual window right up here in her -- that's a person that is appears right when -- lays it too bulky it this base. Just lost so I want a window I said I want -- -- it and I were lifted so you're eating cheese. -- -- living nearly cheese pasta bread on right now no more -- zero there really is it's going raid over here. So yes. I -- -- different place to be different please don't be obsessed with the spike -- saying because a lot of girls are going crazy if they don't have buy gas and then -- -- citizens -- -- I don't know I'm not about it -- that I had to I had twins four year old twins. And so it's not ever about Reno is or -- we -- -- we -- -- It's -- your body and do correct move so all of these moves whether it's a single leg. Dead lift or sumo -- or or reverse crossover will shape and -- your legs. And you'll get the -- you'll tighten up. If you go like this and you tie it you're gonna get the wind up a -- and -- -- -- it's there I shall we had to open about wind up. It so I thought create tell us what sort out wide. A project had apps are always going to be tight now remind us that what you -- point you to visualize what you wanna do it -- -- shaped. -- inner thighs okay to squat down and -- your heels up the same time. And coming right up working in the inner thighs and work in the lower part of about. So we're lifting your butt and was shaving your and -- -- -- any of these should he do it ended twenty repetitions. OKV will be on Atlantis could figure handset here for balance -- -- good here -- here even on top your head bush of course always going to be tight. OK right. Second reverse cross -- -- just gonna shave. Society out of -- -- -- OK so you start here you've come this way. And to a lateral lunch coming stepping out. Right there are coming across. I write this thing -- do it good and again fifteen repetitions per sighs okay. Come away feeling that here. Yeah and then here and and also working you're left inner -- yes definitely right OK but again shaping and Tony I'm not doing anything with -- -- gonna -- and I know that that's the biggest thing and we got -- against both -- legs right -- and you worry about that pop up the repetitions keys to weight body weight resistance in the end and you -- -- it. -- -- When my fat bastard machine must assume -- -- -- show it was hard at ten to come up -- -- house. Sidekick. -- -- -- -- -- -- again note to round house. Sidekick. And pop. Yeah did you make that hit around -- -- Psychic and go down and -- good now let's go on that -- -- left left leg and come up round house. Psychic. And especially almost ended his national. And a psychic and pop. Good that -- propel what second Ford. -- -- but your side. -- oh right you got it to heart rate up again and -- publishing fat so lean you think he gave -- You went in exile and and -- near I think you're ready for the beach. -- -- not yet. But a few few weeks at the I would be thank you for watching. This edition Katie state to learn more about my talks up. Go to Katie Couric dot com we'll see you next time.

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{"id":21288776,"title":"Katie's Tips for Killer Legs","duration":"3:00","description":"David Kirsch came by to teach Katie how to obtain legs like Kate Upton and Heidi Klum.","url":"/GMA/video/katies-tips-killer-legs-21288776","section":"GMA","mediaType":"yahoo only"}