Keeping your college student healthy

ABC News' chief women's health correspondent Dr. Jen Ashton has tips on how to keep your college student well.
2:04 | 10/08/17

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Transcript for Keeping your college student healthy
And in today's weekend download keeping your college student healthy. Jon Karl, you have one in college. Perk your ears up. This may be the first time they're solely responsible for their own well-being as well as their own laundry. Joining us with advice is Dr. Jen Ashton. Good morning, my dear. It is so great to see you. Are kids in college out on their own for the first time but if they're faced with a medical situation, how should we advise them to handle it? Listen, it can be tricky. It basically you have to learn and teach them to learn how to distinguish between something that's acute, something that's semi urgent and something that's a true medical emergency and that can be hard and evolve over time. Some will need to go to their health services and some will need to go to the er. Some might need to come home and in general a pretty healthy population and age group but can see medical issue, infect shoes diseases like flu, mono and mental health issues can pop up so can be a busy time not just academically but medically also. What if we're talking about chronic condition like diabetes or asthma. You know, there are college students that deal with chronic medical conditions and I think the key is you want to make sure your child knows they can't run out of medication when they are there and have to have local contact pflums of providers in case something happens and, you know, they need help while there in they're learning how to be adults and communication with them is the key. Yeah, and that chain of communication has to go both ways. They have to know contact numbers there. But parents also need to know numbers of roommates and their academic providers and the health services and pharmacies so if you need to jump in and put your doctor or nurse, medical provider hat on as well as parent hat you can. I like to tell them take advantage of this age group and opportunity. They might be old enough to vote but if they're old enough to vote they should be old enough to make a doctor's appointment. Empower them this. Is their first time on their own. But they still need mom and dad. To do the laundry. That's right. Okay, Dr. Jen, thanks so much. "Pop news" with Tony Reali

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{"id":50352423,"title":"Keeping your college student healthy","duration":"2:04","description":"ABC News' chief women's health correspondent Dr. Jen Ashton has tips on how to keep your college student well.","url":"/GMA/video/keeping-college-student-healthy-50352423","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}