Kelly Clarkson Raps Eminem Hit at Concert

Lara Spencer explains what's buzzing on the "GMA" pop news heat index.
3:00 | 08/14/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Kelly Clarkson Raps Eminem Hit at Concert
Kelly clarkson. Boy, do we love her. She's been so good to her fans. She's been giving them special tweets. She's been granting their requests to sing whatever song they want during her concert. She recently covered tunes by britney spears, no doubt. You're looking at her in detroit, thrilling the audience, when she broke out into eminem's "lose yourself," in his hometown. No word on whether eminem will return the favor and sing "miss independence." We ask you to come here and do that. That's great. A great way to use social media. Want to look like a hot hollywood star? Workout on the weekends, people. That's the story for blake lively and ryan reynolds. The lovebirds were hitting the gym in bedford, new york. Showing off her great shape in shorts. Why not enjoy a little eye candy, shall we? Ryan, hiding his six-pack under a great t-shirt. No need to hide that, ryan. Wonder if they're neighbors, martha stewart and richard gere workout at the same gym. Is that one day on and six days off for ryan reynolds. I'm sure. Went home and opened a six-pack. Let the postolympic endor endorsements begin for michael phelps. He's back in the water, soaking in a tub for louis vuitton. The bag, sitting on a towel nearby. Slow down. In another photo from the annie leibovitz shoot. Phelps sits on a couch. You can see who is sitting next to him. 77-year-old larisa -- say it for me, josh. Larisa -- of russia, who held the record that phelps just broke. They must have been confident that that record would be broken. We're shocked. The first one is very nice. You cover michael phelps every day. I know. He's my new pippa. He's shirtless. Michael phelps, the new pippa. I'm still working on this one. The new hollywood couple name here. But it does look like john mayer and katy perry will need one. They are looking like a couple. Another sighting of the kids with matching hair cuts. Katie looking sweet in that little flower dress. John channeling his inner cowboy. That's john in the hat. Russell brand appearing to be moving on, as well. He's been spotted out and about with a 23-year-old gal he reportedly met at yoga class, to which we all say together -- say it with me, namaste. Thank you very much. That's "pop news." Ginger zee has the weather in for sam. Good morning, everyone.

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{"id":17000782,"title":"Kelly Clarkson Raps Eminem Hit at Concert","duration":"3:00","description":"Lara Spencer explains what's buzzing on the \"GMA\" pop news heat index.","url":"/GMA/video/kelly-clarkson-takes-twitter-performs-eminem-lose-yourself-detroit-concert-17000782","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}