Kelly Osbourne 'Didn't Want to Be the Person I Was Anymore'

Daughter of Ozzy Osbourne discusses her health, her dad's addiction and her love life.
4:17 | 06/04/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Kelly Osbourne 'Didn't Want to Be the Person I Was Anymore'
Next up in "heat index," kelly osbourne has been making headlines about her talk about everything from her father's addiction issues and her own body images. "Gma" anchor bianna golodryga had a chance to sit down with her. Reporter: Just 17 when she begin filming the hit mtv show "the osbournes". ♪ Learn how to love". Reporter: And 24 when she transformed before our eyes on "dancing with the stars." Kelly osbourne has been spent more than a decade living her life in the spotlight. I don't mean this to sound bad but I don't like it when white people have cornrows. Reporter: Earlier she SUFFERED A SEIZURE ON E!'s Fashion police. No known diagnosis. No, but I'm still on medication. I have a couple of months to be on that. As long as I don't have another it'll probably never happen again. Reporter: Just a rare -- no, it's not actually rare. Every human being at some point in their life will have a seizure or preseizure. Mine just happened to be while filming "fashion police." She is still sporting a trim and healthy figure. I can't help but noticing how amazing you look. You lost 70 pounds. They say 70 pounds but that's daying and losing. Tell me about becoming healthy. Does it start with a diet. No, it starts with you mentally and to me it was about, you know, first realizing that i didn't want to be the person that I was anymore. And then the weight loss just kind of came as a plus afterwards. Reporter: Osborne has had her share of tough times and first shared her battles with addiction on the hit show "the osbournes." ♪ one pill makes you larger ♪ Reporter: What was that moment that triggered. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired and not liking myself for no reason and believing what everybody said about me and I did feed into it. That was a lot to do with me. Reporter: Earlier she had to endure another battle with addiction, this time her father ozzy osbourne's very public relapse. How is your fatherdoing. He's doing amazing. Today he has 94 days skoeber and it is incredible to see him bounce back so quickly. Reporter: Your mom and dad's relationships have had their ups and downs. That's a bit of a bs, the whole thing about my mum moving out. She just moved into the new house they got together. My dad went on tour. The media made that part up. Do you want to speak to your husband after having a pa-year-old argument again. credited with the man she shares her life with, matthew. He's been by her side for two years. Reporter: Safe to say he's the one? We'll see. Reporter: Is there an engagement? No. Is it imminent. You wan ask him. Going back to your huge arc and the poised young woman you've become and the battles -- hear you say that, I still feel like I sound like a truck driver. It's clear kelly osbourne is a survivor who is thriving and today a message to fellow former child stars like amanda bynes and lyindsey lohan. I can't speak on behalf of a lot of these young people in hollywood, they're fighting a battle that they cannot win. You cannot win. There is only one winner in this battle and that's death. So you have to figure out a way to fight for yourself whether you are willing to or not. Such a well-spoken young woman. Kelly told us she hasn't ruled out the possibilities of new tv shows and an album. Despite her lofty ambitions she has no thoughts of leaving "fashion police." Last week I said she could only pull off that lavender hair. Anybody with green eyes can. Maybe even i. Okay, lavender hair on both of you. Kelly still has it. Thank you. Nice interview. Thanks. All right, so now is the time and the "heat index" to talk about you.

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{"duration":"4:17","description":"Daughter of Ozzy Osbourne discusses her health, her dad's addiction and her love life.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19319714","title":"Kelly Osbourne 'Didn't Want to Be the Person I Was Anymore'","url":"/GMA/video/kelly-osbourne-interview-2013-star-didnt-person-anymore-19319714"}