Kelly Preston Drops the Baby Weight

The actress tells how Kirstie Alley helped her shed those unwanted pounds.
4:42 | 12/09/11

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Transcript for Kelly Preston Drops the Baby Weight
Out of Kelly Preston she slimmed down to less than she weighed before she was blessed to be pregnant says she has more energy than she did twenty years ago. She's here this morning to tell us how she shed those pounds with a little help from her friend -- particular first. She's half of one of Hollywood's hottest -- But we're the Kelly Preston has been married to John Travolta for twenty years together they are the essence of Hollywood glam he's really as a poster child for somebody. With -- for abernathy and she's also started a new chapter like she's happier than ever with her new baby a year ago last November at age 48 -- gave birth to beautiful boy named Benjamin. But what all the joy of a new baby came the an inevitable battle a baby weight. Kelly turned her friend Kirstie Alley for help. Chris -- you founded this program called organic liaison and to basically organic supplement program. That sense that it helps to curb your creating as well as we strategy come on a little hot has never -- anyone -- it Kelly is now spokesperson for the program and says she's below her pre pregnancy weight 39 pounds lighter. And hotter than ever. Joining us now to talk about her latest bundle of joy of how she lost that -- -- Kelly Preston lord Rama Indians went into the picture with -- Kirstie -- your double trouble together cook and we I -- Fifth as best friends it says yeah now she's being funniest person that I never -- and death. We do get until -- had a talent I love that twinkle in your head congratulations. Thinking you know. Everyone just gave you all a big go hunt and just so happy for you. Thank you -- outfit we did they did yes from around -- -- week. We felt that love. How did you tell -- weird. Expecting a baby I called into -- I had gone to the doctor I turned out and conference that he was still -- and it's not count. And he -- company. -- -- said. Could eliminate -- again is this so emotional was so. It was so special -- like I don't -- -- It was wonderful. You know that you -- and you have been trying and -- probably thought it wasn't gonna happen and it wasn't. Basically in their cotton and to he is. He's in name calling Alan it is still in love with them on -- -- I'll figure six she's an amazing -- sisters she's. You know just loves nothing can some -- time and and we on the he -- and -- special little -- news. And what is very special I don't -- -- -- losing all the -- using this should have a baby yeah. You -- know what -- You -- -- yeah. Yeah. I don't know. Did you look how did -- get. You know my best friend Kirstie Alley she created a program that is so brilliant it is. The first -- USDA certified organic weight loss product but she is all of these products and they. Give you energy and they there's a cleansing -- -- one to relax she won two. And a program -- line that takes you by the hand. And leads you through it just to -- helpfully and exercise that is brilliant and it works. It does well you are living proof that it works and what I really appreciate so many. Sometimes in Hollywood it's three or four weeks in the latest on and be healthy like that it's -- wanted to take you. It took me I actually took my time good had to -- because they really want it to you can do it much more quickly I'm -- into the three to four weeks. But I did did over the course of eight months -- I -- you can -- which you want as well it's not so restrictive than. And crazy you know it really it just -- -- -- exercise component to it -- there's some exercise it. It really is an entire program that is so brilliant that. That allows you to be that wait for however -- meaning you can. Keep it for 1020 years it's not something the fad diets they don't work when you lose weight you gain right back. This is sort of a thing for your life. To get you -- -- ten how was it in your life to be a mom again on this stage in your life. It's one -- -- it's wonderful I'm still nursing and it's just so much fun he's he's kind -- amazing. And -- that we're just in line with them now. Kelly thank you very much your new facilities -- so oftentimes. These enhance and give our love to everyone and Alan Hahn and and big advantage Iowa Iowa I think he's.

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{"duration":"4:42","description":"The actress tells how Kirstie Alley helped her shed those unwanted pounds.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15121433","title":"Kelly Preston Drops the Baby Weight","url":"/GMA/video/kelly-preston-drops-baby-weight-15121433"}