Is Michael Strahan the Front-Runner for 'Live with Kelly' Gig?

Linsey Davis has the latest on who will take Regis Philbin's place.
3:00 | 08/22/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Is Michael Strahan the Front-Runner for 'Live with Kelly' Gig?
This morning, the answer may be in the headlines. Kelly's new co-host expected to take his seat or her seat, SEPTEMBER 4th. Linsey davis has good stuff for us. Reporter: Interesting, hot off the presses, robin. All signs pointing to super bowl champ, michael strahan, for one of the most coveted jobs in television. It's been nine months since regis stepped down. So, is strahan his successor? This morning, all bets are on this guy, former nfl super bowl champ, michael strahan, who was the charismatic leader of the new york giants. With dozen of a-list celebrities, from jerry seinfeld. Obviously, we're not prepared. Reporter: "How I met your mother" funny man, neil patrick harris. Kim kardashian, and crooner, josh groban, all sat in that seat vacant by regis, on the show he made synonymous with morning coffee for 28 years. Thanks, everybody. Reporter: The stars, all vying for a chance to land the morning tv gig of a lifetime. This could be somebody's ticket to stardom. The possibilities are endless for the person who gets this job. Reporter: Speculation began back in june of last year, when "the wall street journal" reported the short list included ripa's hubby, mark consuelos, her best pal, andy cohen, and "american idol" co-host, ryan seacrest. Tmz reported rob lowe wa in the running. And now, overnight, as multiple sources say strahan is likely to score the gig. And strahan isn't first to be speculated to be first on the list. "The wall street journal" says "saturday night live" writer seth meyers could be on the list. I think people are really excited to see if the show can deliver again. Reporter: My personal favorite, our very own sam champion. Sam champion, from "good morning america." Reporter: Sam, bringing the sunshine. "The l.A. Times" says strahan would become bicoastal. Working in new york and going back to l.A., For his weekend gig as a fox sports analyst. He's going to be busy. Sam is filling in for josh on

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{"id":17056314,"title":"Is Michael Strahan the Front-Runner for 'Live with Kelly' Gig?","duration":"3:00","description":"Linsey Davis has the latest on who will take Regis Philbin's place.","url":"/GMA/video/kelly-ripa-live-kelly-host-search-michael-strahan-17056314","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}