Kelly Rutherford Discusses International Custody Case

Devastated "Gossip Girl" actress sheds light on the battle over her children.
3:00 | 09/01/12

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Transcript for Kelly Rutherford Discusses International Custody Case
Kelly Rutherford and her ex husband. The devastated actress losing another round in court yesterday she's trying to get a judge to return her three and five year old children to the United States. Rather than having them remain in France with her acts. We'll talk to -- an exclusive live interview in a moment but first. The latest from ABC's -- to repair. -- -- -- -- Actress Kellie -- never seen here back it work on the New York set of Gossip Girl. Her first appearance since the heartbreaking custody ruling keeping her children 6000 miles away. On the show he plays a posh and polished mom. I rarely loses her cool nothing runs and you reputation faster than money right up behind the scenes the three year fight with her ex husband Daniel garish. Over custody of their two children ages three and five is reportedly crushing her. On Tuesday a judge ordered the children remain in -- with their father who they've been visiting over the summer. Friday Rutherford asked the judge Doris Day which would have brought the kids back to -- -- while he appealed. But this day was denied. Destroying her last hope of getting the children back. Before school marriage is a European citizen who could no longer enter the US since his visa was revoked. So the judge ruled in order to maintain 85050. Care taking split. The children must stay in France with him and Rutherford travel back and forth to see them. At the end of the day this is a well reasoned decision by judge by day which essentially continues the existing parenting plan Garrett is not commenting on the legal battles but released a statement through his lawyer saying he is focused on co parenting the children. And continuing to promote any and all contact of the children with Kelly. But -- lawyers say the legal flight will continue and they will appeal but for now her children will begin school in France on Monday. For Good Morning America Tonya ribeiro ABC news new York. And -- Here's Kelly Rutherford joins us now Kelli thanks very much for taking the time it was got to be very difficult time for you. I have spoken publicly on Good Morning America on Thursday asked that I view this opinion is an outrage. We stunned at the -- Yes Dan and I and still stunned and I'm still. And that that shocked by the whole thing yeah. Have you had a chance to talk your children. Since the ruling. I have my Skype -- then the other day my respect for them every day. And yes I've been talking to -- on the phone Skyping. And you had been hoping to start them in school in New York next week. But my son has been here in New York people have been raised in New York US citizens they were supposed to start. -- Tuesday and school here is my son's -- parents called police say. And did you get an opportunity to explain anything to them how is that how's that gonna work in terms of what the children will know about. I think the older one was five about where he delivered. Yeah I no I haven't I mean they went away for the summer to visit their dad and now all of the sudden they're starting school in France so it's that thing that shocked everyone. What is your relationship like now -- You know. It's hard because he's I don't know much about him. You know these immigration issues are an example you know he has immigration issues only he can tell us about -- then he refuses to do so so. A lot of things that I really don't know about him. What are you most concerned about. How -- I'm not saying my kids as often and main island they live with me and I saw them every day -- I'd never spent the night away from them in my life until all of this started happening so. I'm concerned for them emotionally. This is my priority and -- obviously just trying to deal with NN and obviously appeal it and -- them understand it why it happened. A you can be able to travel to France regularly I mean you've got -- difficult job are you going to be able to to make the trip on a regular event. Well that's that's so confusing about -- 5050 senate and -- maybe I mean I'm all for 5050 and all four. Children having a mother and father and co parenting it's just that the way it's set up now. I do I'm a working mother and I've been the sole support of my children their entire life. So lives and I have a job so I'm -- I'm gonna do my best to be there obviously every chance like that but. Can't just be there on a regular basis when I have to work and -- I can just pick up in the -- You know that easily. Did you wood suggested in her ruling that this was almost part of a grand plan he would send. On TV kids to a French school -- taught -- French and as a result that this wouldn't be. That -- difference for them. But -- I thought trying to get my children the best education possible as a part of a scheme to. To -- to US citizens to a father like don't know much about it -- I certainly would've would've thought things differently I was. Doing my best to promote the relationship with their father because he is European. And promoting European education while being race in the United States. The US citizen so he -- -- suggested that you're responsible. For him getting deported you. No I mean I've that I haven't done anything personally -- to have him deported it doesn't. It doesn't benefit me in any way to have him out of the country where children. What's next for you in this in this -- now are obviously -- kill it you know again I will never stop fighting for my children. They're my babies and their very young in this is going to affect them profoundly. And I you want to be there as much as I can to show them that that this isn't my fault this isn't something I wanted and that's my concerns. Anything you regret about the way that this is transpired and -- on different. You know I went into this very peacefully and I was pregnant when this all started so I. It did not expect all of this mean. -- -- I had -- this would be peace I think it's always in the best interest of kids to have two parents that can. Keep their own issues aside and do what's in the best interest of their kids. News of their formative years this is a very important time. Kelly Rutherford thanks very much for taking the time I think that an appeals court should step in and overturn this is said we shall we shall see -- basically taking the time.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Devastated \"Gossip Girl\" actress sheds light on the battle over her children.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"17133459","title":"Kelly Rutherford Discusses International Custody Case","url":"/GMA/video/kelly-rutherford-discusses-international-custody-case-17133459"}