Kellyanne Conway reacts to Trump's 'Morning Joe' tweets

The counselor to President Trump tells "GMA" she endorses his ability to connect to voters on social media, and claims the media are more focused on the president's tweets than policy.
7:24 | 06/30/17

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Transcript for Kellyanne Conway reacts to Trump's 'Morning Joe' tweets
Okay, Cecilia, let's talk to the president's counselor kellyanne Conway. Kevin Durant, thank you for joining us this morning. Do you endorse the president's tweets? I like the fact that the president uses social media platform to connect directly with Americans and in this case, what Sarah Sanders said yesterday is true, that the president normally does not draw first blood of the he is a counterpuncher as he said on the campaign trail and if you go back and you look at what is said about this president, a lack of policy coverage, there are personal attacks about his physicalities, about his fitness for office called a goon, thug, mentally ill talking about dementia, armchair psychologists all over television every day. It doesn't help the American people to have a president covered in this light. I'm sorry. It's neither productive. Kellyanne, as you know -- The toxicity is over the top. Kellyanne, as you know all presidents are attacked. I worked for a president -- Not this way. That is very true. What you're saying is not true. Not this way. Let me ask you, because you didn't quite answer the question. Do you endorse what the president sent out in those tweets? I endorse the president's right to fight back when he is being attacked and when the air waves are filled raw sewage about him and his fitness pore office. Why? When you look at the network coverage in a five-week period between may and June, 353 minutes spent on covering Russia, FBI, Comey, totally fantastical charade, less than a minute spent on tax reform. Kellyanne, hold on a second. That was when the president had fired James Comey when a special counsel was appointed when the intelligence committees were looking at that. Let me go back to something you said back in August because during the primaries you actually opposed president trump because he had a pattern of personal insults and I asked you about that back in August. Look. So what changed for you and do you stand by those comments. I do. I don't like when people hurl personal insults. That will never change. I'm a mother of four small children and would be a terrible example to feel otherwise. That's right. That's exactly what I'm saying. Look, that's exactly what I'm saying to you, George, that the toxicity both way -- coming to the president is terrible. And, you know, this is what's going on. The idea that the media are covering a large part of the media anyway are covering personal insults about the president, this invective and really denying America's women their rightful knowledge on what he's doing for them on taxes. Kellyanne, as you know, we wouldn't be talking about in this morning if the president hadn't sent out those tweets yesterday. There is no way we would be talking about this. Respectfully you would not be talking about tax reform because it was talked about for less than a minute on all the networks for a five-week period. The president hasn't come out with a tax reform plan but that is besides point. You would not be talking about jobs. You keep interrupting. Particularly women who tune in to these shows to get information about what's going on for them. This is somebody who is trying to get those millions of women who lack health care coverage, this is a man who is trying to get tax relief and entrepreneurship freed number this country for those American women who want that. It doesn't get covered. It's just not covered. There is toxicity about this president? Actually we do cover it and cover it quite a bit and led with health care every day this week up until this morning. How do you respond to Nicolle Wallace, fellow Republican, she served in George W. Bush's white house and she said as someone who once proudly called myself a Republican this party will permanently be associated with misogyny in leaders don't step up and demand a retraction. It's not fair. Irwork in that white house every single day and see a man who invies in Obamacare victim, mothers who lost their children to illegal immigrants who had multiple deportations and felony convictions but murdered their children anyway. He brings in people who are working on energy across the country. He brings in America's men and women to help them and but for me saying it right now we wouldn't hear about it. So nobody focuses on all the good he does. You know, the president sent out about roughly 160 tweets in the month of June. 10 or so of them were about policy, were about bilateral meetings with heads of state and all the things he's doing to help the American people. It gets very little coverage. The problem you have this is Republicans who are coming out with this -- with this criticism. It's Susan Collins, it's Lisa murkowski. Those are the senators sitting next to him the other day. Here's pat Toomey trying to work very hard on health care. He is saying what the president is doing starts to undermine the president's ability to get his agenda done. He's getting in the way of his own agenda. George, all those senators ran on repealing and replacing Obamacare and vot on doing it when we had a democratic president. All that's changed in the last couple of years since those senators voted to do away with them is that we have a Republican president that can actually sign reform into law and need to do what they feel is best. We're confident that health care will get passed this summer and then followed by tax reform and let me just say something else, as you showed a clip of me talking as a mother of four. I've been attacked. If you say you want your children treated the way kellyanne was treated, I'll listen to you but I don't fight -- I don't respond in kind because I'm here as a public servant trying to help people and I swallowed a lot of bile over the time because I don't want it to be about me. Since you showed a clip about me and I have four children and have to look them in the eye every day I want them to see a president fighting for them. I didn't want them to have somebody would is 62% of the country said was not honest or trust worthy to be their president. Well, kellyanne, that comes with the territory, as you know. I served in the white house as well and attacked as well. That just comes with the territory. That is not about gender. What I was asking you about is whether you endorse the president's comments, the president's attacks and apparently you do. The attacks -- no, I didn't say I endorse his attacks. I never said that. I said I endorsed his ability to fight back. There is no good that comes out of people attacking the president's physical and mental states on national television every day to the exclusion of connecting Americans with information they need and respectfully I'm going to have to disagree that I have not been attacked because of my gender including by people in the payroll of your network but that's okay. Because I'm here for bigger things. This is not about any one individual. So bottom line you do not endorse what the president said? Bottom line do you not endorse the president's tweets? I'm sorry, George. Bottom line you do not endorse the president's tweets? Bottom line I endorse his ability to connect on social media with Americans and I endorse as the first lady as said him firing back when he's being mercilessly attack. The good that comes out of this I hope is we change the conversation that respect for the office of the president and its current occupant are intact and we have a full conversation about policy. Let people disagree on policy and stop the personal invective. It's completely toxic and it's completely counterproductive to connecting America with policy prescription that they need. Kellyanne, thank you. I would say one more time we would be leading with health care if the president hadn't sent out those tweets. Thanks very much. Health care will get done. Ben sasse said it best, please just stop. This isn't Normal. Just stop.

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{"duration":"7:24","description":"The counselor to President Trump tells \"GMA\" she endorses his ability to connect to voters on social media, and claims the media are more focused on the president's tweets than policy.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"48369845","title":"Kellyanne Conway reacts to Trump's 'Morning Joe' tweets","url":"/GMA/video/kellyanne-conway-reacts-trumps-morning-joe-tweets-48369845"}