Kellyanne Conway Talks Trump's Executive Orders

Conway, counselor to President Trump, discusses the vetting process behind his executive orders as well as next steps the administration will take after the backlash.
6:07 | 01/30/17

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Transcript for Kellyanne Conway Talks Trump's Executive Orders
A lot to talk about with the president's counselor kellyanne Conway. Thanks for joining us. You heard Martha's piece. Criticism coming in from the chair Republican saying this should have been better coordinated. We have to do it in a way not to undermine our nation's credibility and Mr. Corker also saying this was poorly implemented. Revisions must be made so are revisions coming? Well, the president made very clear last night, George, what this does and what it does not do and let's really focus on that because I see all these protesters. I think if you actually surveyed them, they would probably get the facts wrong. They're being misinformed. This is seven country, these countries were identified by president Obama. President trump is merely following president Obama's lead on state-sponsored terrorist countries where they have a history of training and exporting, harboring terrorists. Let me top you. President Obama did not institute an order banning travel from these seven countries. Also, your executive order, the president's executive order referencing 9/11 several times. Two points. None of the deadly terror attacks here have been carried out by anyone from those seven countries. Point number two, 18 of the 199/11 attackers came from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the united Arab Emirates. There is no ban from that country, those countries also happen to be countries where president trump has significant business interests. So why weren't those countries included? Two points in return in response, George. One is that these -- president Obama certainly had a ban on the Iraqi refugee program for six months which is double the time that's contemplated under president trump's executive order. His is 90 days or three months, president Obama had it for six months suspending -- banning the Iraqi rfk program. Why did people not protest that? I have an idea. It was never covered in the press. If you ask people protesting outside airports what is different here from the Iraqi ban in 2011 put forth by their hero, president Obama they wouldn't know what you were talking about because it was never covered let alone protested. Imagine -- and to the second point since you asked me two points I'll answer it. People need to be remind what had it is about. 9/11 is the example that is still most raw, most fresh to many people about what a president's first responsibility is to keep the people of this country safe. This is temporary. It is narrowly prescribed as your own reporting just said, George, there is not a single person still being detained apparently. That's ABC news' reporting. The 170 legal permanent residents who requested waivers yesterday got each of them. 170 requested. 170 granted. So, people are protesting things -- imagine if they put these tearful senators with bull horn, imagine if they had protested outside V.A. Hospitals when our veterans were dying waiting for care. Imagine if they cared about the homeless they walk by every single day in New York and Washington. Where is the protest on that? Kellyanne, on your first point and I want to move on from that, when you talk about Iraq, that temporary ban was put in for increased vetting after two Iraqi nationals were identified as possibly being involved with making ieds in Iraq and there was actual substantial coverage at the time but I do want to move on because the president had responded to senators McCain and graham last night as well saying they should focus their energies on ISIS, illegal immigration and border security instead of always looking to start World War III. How are senators McCain and graham looking to start world War III? The first part is instructive and operative, George. We have a lot to do and want Republican senators both of whom pursued the presidency themselves, we want them to be there for this president to support him. Especially when he is trying to keep our people safe. And he's basically saying to people, you know, you protested my nomination, you protested my candidacy. You protested my election. You protested my inauguration. You protested the day after and protesting the executive order, you're protesting, how about this cooperation and collaboration, this, quote, bipartisanship we're always talking about? Kellyanne, those are Republican -- The only one doing that is president trump. Those are Republican senators, John McCain and Lindsay graham and the president said they are looking to start World War III. He's wondering out loud why they don't invest their energies into the real problems we have that by the way existed for all the years and decades these folks have been in the house and senate. I mean, Donald Trump has been on the job for, what, eight, nine, ten days. Barack Obama was here for eight years. The extraordinary accomplishments in just the first week truly are breathtaking. Today he'll -- today or tomorrow or this week he'll appoint his -- talk about who he's nominating to the supreme court and meet with small business leaders and sign additional executive orders and we'd like both democratic and Republican norths to look at this particular executive order that's temporary and narrowly prescribed provides and reply accordingly. Not what they think it provides. They can call the white house and come and visit and get a full briefing if they like but people in this town like to react first and think second. Kellyanne -- That's not the way businessmen do their work. It's a yes or no question. Does the president believe those two senators are looking to start World War III? You can read his tweet. But read the full tweet. Don't cherry-pick the way the media like to do 3r79fully, George. No reduckive cure rating reporting in my view is helpful to the American people to once stand. Here's a list of things I can use your help instead of looking for an argument always getting in the way of this Republican president. We want to work with all the senators wardless of their political affiliation but it has to go both ways. He's been open to working with people. We had democratic senators in last week meeting with him talking about a range of issues. He's been to capitol hill. Vice president pence has been to capitol hill. We're being collaborative and open and would like the same in return and like the facts out there so people don't turn to violence and aren't misinformed about what this order provides and what it does not provide more importantly. Kellyanne Conway, thanks very much. Thank you.

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{"duration":"6:07","description":"Conway, counselor to President Trump, discusses the vetting process behind his executive orders as well as next steps the administration will take after the backlash.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"45139390","title":"Kellyanne Conway Talks Trump's Executive Orders","url":"/GMA/video/kellyanne-conway-talks-trumps-executive-orders-45139390"}