Kelsey Grammer Opens Up to Oprah Winfrey About Divorce

The actor and his new wife spoke candidly about Camille Grammer on "Oprah's Next Chapter."
3:00 | 08/28/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Kelsey Grammer Opens Up to Oprah Winfrey About Divorce
kelly grammer. He's opening up more than he ever has before with oprah winfrey, about the nasty public divorce with his wife, camille. He and his new bride join us for the interview on "oprah's next chapter." Paula faris was watching. Reporter: The contentious end of their marriage played out for the world to see. On bravo's hit reality series, "the real housewives of beverly hills." It's time to come out from my husband's shadow and shine. Reporter: Camille grammer, then-husband kelsey grammer, accusing her of infidelity. It's not me. My whole life was falling apart. He was having an affair with another woman in new york city. Reporter: Now, for the first time, grammer and that alleged other woman, his fourth wife, kae walsh, is addressing the accusations, sitting down with oprah. The couple, married last year and are now showing off their 1-month-old baby. In the interview, grammer talks candidly why he let camille be part of the real housewives. She always wanted to be famous. Always wanted to be famous? And was angry she had given up so much to be with me. What had she given up? Fame. eporter: HE ALSO OPENS UP About where the relationship stands today. It's not good. Extremely unacceptable behavior took place in front of the children, which makes it impossible for us to pretend that we can be civil. Reporter: His new wife, kayte, also talks about being vilified for breaking up grammer's marriage to camille. You are painted as the other woman. Yes. I'm not proud of the way we started out because you were in a marriage. Reporter: As for camille, she's moved on, as well. Finding love again with a new beau. And will make special appear appearances in season three of the housewives. Even though, for now, she is single. Thank you, paula.

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{"id":17093801,"title":"Kelsey Grammer Opens Up to Oprah Winfrey About Divorce","duration":"3:00","description":"The actor and his new wife spoke candidly about Camille Grammer on \"Oprah's Next Chapter.\"","url":"/GMA/video/kelsey-grammer-opens-oprah-winfrey-divorce-17093801","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}