Kelsey Grammer Opens Up on New Show, Ex-Wife

"Frasier" and "Cheers" star's new show has already been ordered for 2nd season.
5:48 | 10/20/11

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Transcript for Kelsey Grammer Opens Up on New Show, Ex-Wife
You know Kelsey -- after two mega hit comedies five Emmys and -- Tonys and the politics. Starring -- stars from a boss -- Chicago mayor with a imperial power an explosive. Secret history to have -- here accurate and I cannot wait to see this show I mean all the reviews in this morning every major Paper in the country. Says it's just incredible best -- shows eating -- about that and I'm that some things -- haven't liked the sound of -- Given exploded a change from -- -- played a dark guy here he's a very dark. He's he's just here's a guy that's gotten some bad news who likes likes power -- hold onto it basically and that's a little different from Frazier was a little bit different than -- -- He pulls a lot of strings behind the scenes and actually heard. That is you're getting ready for the she actually had dinner with the mayor Chicago Rahm Emanuel the current and the former Yahoo! and available -- I think you know -- -- -- religious figures from -- -- hit piece on them. Under those children throughout -- own legacy you're Ricardo. Their own -- and I -- assured them that this is Mormon it's an idea what kind of a mythical man. The idea of a hundred years of Maris you know and all that -- all of that Alltel vignettes and ended because this guy draws on the history of Chicago to kind of -- zone. Sense of purpose and so on if you are affecting people -- from Chicago learned a lot of about Chicago. But provided no and He is the ultimate power worked really shows scene now He tries to get one of his proteges to run for governor. I wanted to run for governor. Against Matt -- and the driver. What's to come out of him as a wing and hammer with a loaded gun. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And his -- -- at northwestern archer Daniels middle and then Lou Mitchell's. -- I didn't know better. I'd say that you would drive investors -- Jersey performing the only thing on this. You can tell -- -- phone -- -- Effective thought and and you know a lot about politics -- to -- -- -- -- to this. Well you know -- This is what this is what I -- politics isn't obviously but I but you know I fear -- lot of its true what are. What are conceit was in terms of you know story telling was the idea that. Somewhere we -- think that behind closed doors a lot of crazy stuff takes place in politics and that there must be a sort of line but torn between what's implied it -- almost violence and that place where -- crossover. Now the crossing over happens on the show. And I certainly hope it doesn't really happen of politics but. But it remains to be -- survived as a Republican in Hollywood for an awful lot of thought -- yes very low that I have survived at less than Iraq and you endorsed Rudy Giuliani like right now. You know -- it's too early for me still. I'm just after all these debates I've just well I'm not -- -- -- because I think I think debates -- are kind of a smokescreen honestly I don't. It was alleged the last cycle -- only had two and a half years before there. Election. There with of the Democrats. Fifteen guards at Wednesday's I thought this is a waste of time. And so are kind of do assembly -- -- -- the Republican sort of parroting and I know something else you're not watching is this real housewives of Beverly Hills -- you have been -- a former wife Camille. Of course. Is on it in an act a -- -- suspicions they really can't figure people on reality TV. To become famous what did you decide to be part of -- in any way -- -- It was a part of the port of -- Feeling that I should. Exit with some sort of gift except marriage. -- because that was what I have moment and that's. That was a way of saying here's what's -- wanted to. Go to it -- Was a mistake. I don't think so. Not not coming you know after all -- -- literally causes me some some stress I suppose and I've been you know targeted allotment so a lot of terrible things but. After while it starts to be you know. Tells a -- -- in for coffee. How does his -- feel about it sort of you know it's just gotten you know a little silly things at this point and so I think -- more that goes on. The less people really focused on the fact that I have a great new life. And you know I'm I'm. With my grace go have that famous like you're a great -- life and a great new life. Kate. He looked very triumph pigs tell tell us a story that I guess your first on Christmas Day. Around -- around Christmas the Al that well. That was. It was the most dramatic not a -- Was just extraordinary we met for a coffee and actually that we were going to be in this one place I thought it looked too much like a pickup joints arsenal forget it puts a source -- what -- -- waited for. You're gonna come about to -- and where she wants. Was coming from and -- across the street. And I just stood there -- -- and I -- this is most marvelous look at thing I've ever seen in my life and those who want to cross the street smart and incidentally going that was terrific work together. We want through Hyde Park. And the snow started to fall. And it was the most magical -- in my life moments later we had our first case. And we've been now. And you together so happy right now and it seems like you're convinced you can get it right this time Whipple a I think I did actually a -- credited with -- but the I think it has everything to do so what's it like being -- grandfather pretty good pretty good we stopped by the hospital is as Spence was gone into labor. That we had we had a business trip to Australia so we have to -- just just hours before. Little Emmett was born but we've we've had some pictures -- we're going America telling him hopefully we'll -- -- -- congratulations and all these guys -- -- to the show is called boss. Premieres on Friday and stars -- important -- everything started in the vicinity.

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{"id":14777528,"title":"Kelsey Grammer Opens Up on New Show, Ex-Wife","duration":"5:48","description":"\"Frasier\" and \"Cheers\" star's new show has already been ordered for 2nd season.","url":"/GMA/video/kelsey-grammer-opens-show-wife-14777528","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}