Kenya Mall Attack: Who Are the Gunmen?

Dozens killed in siege in popular mall.
1:51 | 09/23/13

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Transcript for Kenya Mall Attack: Who Are the Gunmen?
Many people want to know more about the group claiming responsibility for the massacre. They're linked to al qaeda and have recruited here in the united states. Abc's brian ross is here with that part of the story. Reporter: Good morning, robin. At this point there is no reliable information about whether any americans are part of the attack team that hit the shopping mall. Lots of americans have joined up with al shabaab and have trained in their deadly tactics. the attack on the mall seemed to have been well-planned. Designed for maximum attention and loss of life. Right out of the al qaeda playbook. A deadly organization. Very well trained. They have actively recruited here in the united states. ♪ Reporter: There have been about 50 recruits, according to u.S. Officials, from small towns and big cities across the country. More than half of them traced back to the twin cities of minneapolis and st. Paul. Just last month, al shabaab posted this online recruiting video with three young men who said we're from minneapolis and later died as martyrs. If you only knew how much fun we have over here. This is the real disneyland. They have a core of people, probably mostly young people, who are willing to give their lives to this. Reporter: The leads have vowed to hit u.S. Targets. Officials worry that the american recruits still there could return home with that in mind. What we see in kenya can be easily copied here in the united states. This is something scary. Reporter: The fbi and other officials say they have no indication that al shabaab has any plans or the capacity at this point to attack if the u.S. Thank you, brian. Let's get more on this from

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{"id":20341628,"title":"Kenya Mall Attack: Who Are the Gunmen?","duration":"1:51","description":"Dozens killed in siege in popular mall.","url":"/GMA/video/kenya-mall-attack-gunmen-20341628","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}