Terrorists Still Hold Hostages in Westgate Mall

Ten to 15 terrorist attacked a popular mall in Kenya using explosives and automatic weapons.
3:34 | 09/23/13

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Transcript for Terrorists Still Hold Hostages in Westgate Mall
Right now, the breaking story of the morning. Live pictures of the massive plumes of smoke coming out of the mail in nairobi. The government has gone in. The latest on the rescue operation as well. The death toll at 69. 175 injured. We know americans were among the injured. But big question this is morning about whether americans were among the terrorists? There was a list out there. Look at this chilling photo as well. A little girl running to safety, right across the shopping mall after the deadly attack first broke out. Linsey davis is there at the scene in nairobi and has the latest. Reporter: Good morning, robin. To call the situation tense would be an understatement. Just in the last few minutes, we have heard heavy gunfire. Loud explosions. The billowing smoke continuing for the last 15 or so minutes. Earlier this morning, we heard from officials that they were closing in on the attackers. This is evidence perhaps of what we have been seeing and hearing this morning. This morning, armed terrorists are reportedly holding roughly a dozen hostages in the supermarket inside the westgate mall. As kenyan troops tried to force the militants out without risking innocent lives. This video shows the chaos just after it began at noon on saturday. 10 to 15 terrorists, including women, attacked the mall wearing black tactical clothing and ski masks. Using explosive devices and shooting civilians with automatic weapons. Three or four rapid explosions. Gunfire. Another explosion. A kroutd of people ran out of the exit. Reporter: This man is an orthodontist who was working inside the mall. Two guys walked after them. They were tall, thin, dark. They had band dan thats on their heads. Later, three people attempted to run. As they were running, one of them shot at them and they fell in the parking lot. Reporter: By midafternoon, hundreds more had rushed to escape. Some crawled for covers in stores and air shafts. Some victims pushed out in shopping carts. Others driven out in body bangs. Elaine was one of five americans injured in the attack. I just got out of surgery. I'm okay. I'm very grateful to be alive. Reporter:4:44 p.M. On saturday, kenyan officials call it an act of terrorism. Al shabaab reportedly claiming retaliation. Overnight, the bbc spoke to an al shabaab military commander who says he's been in contact with the terrorists inside the mall. There will be no negotiations. Reporter: Witnesses say the terrorists were on a mission to kill nolims. Ordering them to quote a ver from the koran to save their lives. We see military police. Ambulances. Officials have continue wouldly come by to tell us to duck, to seek cover. More than 175 people injured. They got more than 1,000 pints of blood donated yesterday. They're still asking for more. The situation very fluid. Robin and george.

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{"id":20341480,"title":"Terrorists Still Hold Hostages in Westgate Mall","duration":"3:34","description":"Ten to 15 terrorist attacked a popular mall in Kenya using explosives and automatic weapons.","url":"/GMA/video/kenya-mall-attack-terrorists-hold-hostages-westgate-mall-20341480","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}