Kenya Mall Terror Survivor: 'Heard a Loud Explosion'

Nick Handler was inside the Westgate Mall when terrorists attacked.
2:39 | 09/23/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Kenya Mall Terror Survivor: 'Heard a Loud Explosion'
handler, one of the americans in the mall with his family when the attack happened. He joins us by phone. You and your 2-year-old, julia, are in a cafe. Your wife is eight months pregnant and a floor below. We made a stop at the mall to pick up food. My wife went upstairs to do some shopping and a couple of minutes after she left, I heard a loud explosion followed by gunshots pip was lucky enough to be right next to the door. To the cafe. So I immediately jumped up and grabbed my daughter and just ran across the mall. Away from the explosions as fast as I could. You run across, you have your daughter, and what happens next? I followed a few people out. I think like a service exit of some kind toward the back of the mall. The wave of people came pushing back toward the building, running away from the shooting at the front. We got pushed back into the building and up a flight of stairs. We ended up hiding out in an inventory room. Your daughter must have been terrified. I think when -- we were running away from the initial explosion and into hiding, she was definitely sad. But I have to say, once we got settled down and we were just waiting the situation out, she was incredibly brave. That could calm you down a little bit. Meanwhile, your wife -- my wife and I were able to communicate on the phone. I knew she moved into a movie theater on the third floor and eventually out on to the roof. And we were talking that whole time. And I also knew when she had been evacuated by some -- heroic plainclot plainclothed policemen. Tell us when you were finally able to see each other again. So after I think about three hours is when we were finally -- finally rescued and I ran down a drive way on the side of the mall and turned to the street and knew exactly where she was waiting. We just sort of ran towards each other and hugged. It was incredibly emotional. I can only imagine. So happy you're all back together. Your family together this morning. As this terrifying situation continues to unfold. Thank you, nick. Thank you.

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{"id":20341619,"title":"Kenya Mall Terror Survivor: 'Heard a Loud Explosion'","duration":"2:39","description":"Nick Handler was inside the Westgate Mall when terrorists attacked.","url":"/GMA/video/kenya-mall-terror-survivor-heard-loud-explosion-20341619","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}