Kevin Ware Injury Rallies Louisville Team

University of Louisville coach Rick Pitino on what Ware said to teammates after breaking his leg.
1:25 | 04/01/13

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Transcript for Kevin Ware Injury Rallies Louisville Team
You know this sometimes in life. You really don't have the words. To handle that situation. And all I did was a problem altogether and that's that he said to me five times I'm OK just when the game. I got all everybody over after we covered up interest -- listen to him. And he said -- and of -- -- said it over ten times just win the game I'll be okay. So had to come from him. And it did. That we battled serious -- trouble that we battle the great -- and the guys came through for Kevin but effectively -- speaker economy was that. It was worth while he was really fine. Until the two of us looked down at his leg I want to help -- -- and he looked down and I looked down. And then obviously with both losses and everybody storage and we've been getting covered up fast enough because it united the -- -- -- -- -- down so it would it was tough -- look at -- -- -- powers that -- Well I have had not seen anything like that you don't -- -- blood ACL. But never seen an injury like that before. And -- and to see the play is distraught I'm distraught. And aegis. Aegis. Carried us through with what he said. I -- -- -- and actually get around him -- want to tell you something -- kept repeating it and that got us through it.

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{"id":18852809,"title":"Kevin Ware Injury Rallies Louisville Team","duration":"1:25","description":"University of Louisville coach Rick Pitino on what Ware said to teammates after breaking his leg.","url":"/GMA/video/kevin-ware-injury-rallies-louisville-team-18852809","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}