NCAA Player Kevin Ware Discusses Broken Leg

The Louisville player on his amazing recovery from the injury he sustained during March Madness.
3:00 | 11/10/13

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Transcript for NCAA Player Kevin Ware Discusses Broken Leg
Test Text1 under It was really hard to watch, last year during march madness, louisville's kevin ware taking a gruesome fall on a badly bruised leg. Many assumed that he wouldn't be coming back. But just seven months later, he's back on the hardware and he's now talking exclusively to abc's gio benitez about his plans for his future. Gio joins us live from louisville. Good morning, gio. Reporter: Good morning, bianna and dan. Kevin ware is only 20 years old. His story is full of strength and determination and a little basketball. It's the moment nobody saw coming. There's ware. Are you kidding me? Reporter: Wednesday during an exhibition game, seven months after that excruciating leg break, louisville guard kevin ware was back on the court and scoring big. His first shot back. Reporter: Ware was surprised that the coach even called on him to jump into the game. I guess the basketball ju. I haven't played in a game for about 220 days. When he called my name was great. Reporter: Was there ever a moment that you wouldn't be able to step foot on the court? I never had a chance to doubt myself. Reporter: At that duke game in march, so many others feared ware would never ball again, after they saw just how bad the break was. Everybody was down and crying and really, I was told everyone let's win game. Reporter: I said coach, kevin, it's coach. He woke up and did we win? I said, we got him, big fella. I haven't seen the video. Reporter: You never seen it. I never seen it. Mentally it would put me at a different state. When I was done playing basketball, I'll look at it then. But, I can't look at it now. Reporter: Ware shows us his scar, just look at how far he's come. Amazingly following his injury, louisville went on to win the championship without him. These are my brothers and they got the job done and I'm so proud of them. Reporter: Teammates saying ware inspired him. He's at a point now, he wants to go back to being a normal person and doing what he loves. So many people say he wants to be a regular guy. That's it. Sometimes people are just noticeably treating me different from others. I'm like, let's just be normal here. Serve months of life, I don't know how I did it but I did it. I'm back playing basketball. I'm back to doing what I was doing before I got hurt. And yesterday marked the first day of the season here, ware didn't play, his coach said that he needs a little bit more time recover, but what a story, guys, he hopes that this is yet another winning season for louisville. It has to be said with bullying and sports, it's great to see these teammating really coming together supporting him. He looks fantastic. Gio thanks. Coming up here on "good

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{"id":20843049,"title":"NCAA Player Kevin Ware Discusses Broken Leg","duration":"3:00","description":"The Louisville player on his amazing recovery from the injury he sustained during March Madness.","url":"/GMA/video/kevin-ware-interview-ncaa-player-discusses-broken-leg-20843049","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}