Are Keyless Ignitions Dangerous?

Carbon monoxide deaths prompt questions about push-button ignitions.
2:43 | 03/08/12

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Transcript for Are Keyless Ignitions Dangerous?
Now to a new warning about those ignition of buttons coming standard of a lot of newer cars. Two more people appear to have died this week after accidentally leaving their cars running in their garages. ABC's Jim novelist joins us from Washington the latest on office the morning Jim. Good morning Robin they've become the new hot accessory in -- -- suvs to sedans but. Government regulators and some people are concerned that these new electronic starts the keyless ignition. For people who are used to keys make it way too easy to forget to turn the car off. When they walk away. They are designed to simplify the driving experience push a button rather than turn -- key. But recent fatalities including last Thursday in -- point Florida. Driver suspected of unwittingly leaving their cars running and dying of carbon monoxide poisoning -- making some wonder if they are safe. -- dealt with listen mark Victor -- found dead in their home the keyless ignition -- neighbors believe they may have -- now impounded by police. -- -- -- -- Nursing facility currently -- -- here. Mary Rivera escaped with her life after leaving her Lexus running in -- garage in 2009. But her longtime partner died of carbon monoxide poisoning. -- -- -- -- -- I thought I turned it often compare -- and didn't. She was saved by her brother who had worried when he did not hear from -- who choose that rush to her and we healing and -- Shaking the senator for public safety has -- -- six fatalities involving push button start. -- wants car manufacturers. To return to keys is that it our fault if we walk out of out of the car without turning off the ignition price for forgetfulness and today stressful. Modern society he shouldn't be death by -- question. -- -- which made -- Rivera's Lexus says its vehicles display of visual warning and sounded tone. When the driver leaves without shutting down the car. Still the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Once manufactures to standardize all the push button starters with a visual warnings and the same warning tones to avoid confusion. And -- -- the same emergency shut up procedures but Mary Rivera and others don't believe the government plans go far enough in meantime are suing the manufacturers -- -- alleged losses. They can find something he could think it's done and what kind of person knowing -- they have -- 200%. -- Part of the problem is just how well made these cars are it's hard to tell when -- on and when they're off Robin all right thank you so much chairman. Georgia say that you had a problem very easy -- you can hear the -- can fully yes he can be really careful.

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{"id":15875128,"title":"Are Keyless Ignitions Dangerous?","duration":"2:43","description":"Carbon monoxide deaths prompt questions about push-button ignitions.","url":"/GMA/video/keyless-ignitions-cars-pose-carbon-monoxide-dangers-15875128","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}