Kiddie Couture: Too Much, Too Soon?

Some parents believe that designer clothes for young kids is going too far.
5:19 | 01/25/12

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Transcript for Kiddie Couture: Too Much, Too Soon?
Now to the outrage over a growing fashion trend called kiddie couture more -- more parents are spending thousands of dollars outfitting their children in designer clothing. It's becoming huge business but now there's something of a huge backlash are these kids too young to be making over the top fashion statements. BBC's beyond ability to -- we can makers here with the story that is the question how young is too young to. Spain Fifth Avenue has long been home to big name designers and high end fashion. But in November a new kids joined the top fashion block and -- kid we mean Gucci kids. -- first of its kind children's boutique sporting high end items including this 15100 dollar dress. This 2900 dollar fur -- And this 4800 dollar biker jacket all targeted for fashion nieces aged twelve and under Gucci is just the latest tie -- label to move in on kids retail. -- -- -- -- -- Among the items from the Parisian label up for grabs this 16100 dollar trench coat. And this sophisticated 11100 -- -- -- And the trend -- even hit New York's Fashion Week last fall Ralph Lauren staged his first full on fashion show for his girls collection. Complete with paparazzi and front -- fashion editors eightieth. We assembled a group of girls to find out what they thought of some of this high end kids fashion. -- -- -- -- -- It left them at times gasping for more I and I improving its our assets. The new -- hits collection was also hits and making it has to act. As a here's the other. I can't you like -- The girls we spoke with ages five to twelve told us while they may be small fashion is already big. How important is fashion you on a scale of one to ten and at -- tenant. -- meaningful. The labor market against yes. The girls love of fashion is born out of the latest retail statistics. While sales of adult clothing -- down -- fashion continues to skyrocket. Last year sales of children's clothing in the US 32 billion dollars. 800 million dollars of that was spent on designer labels the trend has garnered mixed reviews online. Mom experts who spoke to say this may be a case of parents trying to lavish on their kids what they can't afford for themselves. Parents really want kids give their kids the bats and if it means not gone after did -- -- -- are not -- the latest handbag that's sucking Reich has my child it means everything's I'd rather give everything to hack. Others attribute the current phenomenon to the visibility of celebrity kids like Suri Cruise. Celebrity offspring become as much more visible there paparazzi stars and -- around right now we got has -- children and what they Wear more in the spotlight. But child psychologists worry that the increasingly aggressive marketing -- little girls of womanly fashion. Is damaging on a number of levels. We're really robbing them of of childhood -- and 400. They encourage them to grow up into. Sophisticated. Do women. When -- five years old it sends a message. You -- is only as cool as good as appealing. As the price tag of your -- The moms and the girls we talked to worry is well what is your thought on the fact that. Oguchi coat that maybe you know -- want your daughters can only -- for six months. Would cost you. Upwards of even 3000 dollars. I think it I think it's -- Excessive -- think it's excessive when I was going up the kids were kids deaths yet and -- from -- -- now -- can learn CNN that line between the two is hard to find some times. According to moms behind collections make it harder than ever to teach the girls -- ride values. That beauty is not determined by -- fancy label aura pricey garments. Again because girls -- really just so beautiful on -- -- things analysts -- pretty there's just no reason. And the world. Meant so much on clothing after -- misses the point. And while these moms admit that they may buy their daughters some designer clothing all say they draw the line at the notion of garments that cost more figures would have -- more tempted to buy that your daughters -- growing -- -- 3000 dollars. And even more big name designers are getting in on kids' clothes later this year Oscar -- la -- will unveil his first kids' collection. And if you know just how big kids to tour is getting international our friends at Vogue Magazine Telus that are now special editions of kids and baby -- Available and Italy and France to become into the US since Serena could be picking it up at school you never know -- -- could not but I really hope she's actually not watching that thank you Fiat and you know we -- -- hear from you do you think. High -- couture for kids sends the wrong message once -- vote now using the GMA app on your Smartphone.

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{"id":15438035,"title":"Kiddie Couture: Too Much, Too Soon?","duration":"5:19","description":"Some parents believe that designer clothes for young kids is going too far.","url":"/GMA/video/kiddie-couture-parents-worry-designer-clothing-make-hard-15438035","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}