8 Kids Die Inside Hot Cars During 1st Week of August

U.S. government launches nationwide campaign to crack down on kids' being left in hot cars.
3:00 | 08/17/12

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Transcript for 8 Kids Die Inside Hot Cars During 1st Week of August
Least eight children have died of heat stroke in cars in the first week of August alone. And there's an important new initiative kicking off this morning to help keep your kids safe from the government launching a nationwide campaign. To crack down on children being left in hot cars. And ABC's Jim model has the story. The government says it's happening was alarming frequency. I'm not part -- not very little baby. And -- -- a black conduct and there's nobody around when I'm Anita I mean it. In Cuddy California a one year old boy in his two week old sister found locked inside a hot car in a mall parking lot August 11. Left behind by their mother as she shop -- -- -- can hear the the small child was crying officers estimated the inside of the car was about a hundred Nintendo 115 degrees this police officer came to the rescue. It was a partially open window. I I've managed to stick my arm through that window and and -- the car from the inside. More and more children even infants left in sweltering cars by parents often accidentally and often -- disastrous consequences. 23 children in fourteen states have died after overheating in cars this year alone eight in the first week of August. In Iowa another toddler saved after a police officer spotted the -- And in Kentucky a two and a half year old boy was left in his car seat for two hours his father forgot to drop him off -- daycare. This demonstration shows how quickly your car can heat up. What's the temperature jumped to a 186. Cars becoming ovens something GMA witnessed first hand. -- is already hot children are especially if -- They -- body's heat up three to five times faster than -- as an adult. Today's push the government says is about awareness. Experts say with hectic schedules it's easy for parents to make a mistake. This doesn't have any kind of profile that you can say rich and poor young or old Smart or stupid this can happen to anyone. The departments of transportation and health and human services today launching that program called where's the baby look before you lock. Asking it departments of big head start and also a day care units across the country did distribute safety tips like. When you leave your car make sure you have something important in the back seat like your keys or maybe your cell phone or your -- you can't forget them -- your child.

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{"id":17026208,"title":"8 Kids Die Inside Hot Cars During 1st Week of August","duration":"3:00","description":"U.S. government launches nationwide campaign to crack down on kids' being left in hot cars.","url":"/GMA/video/kids-die-inside-hot-cars-1st-week-august-17026208","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}