Kardashian Divorce Finalized

Andrea Canning reveals the details behind high-profile Hollywood separation.
3:02 | 11/10/11

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Transcript for Kardashian Divorce Finalized
And new details emerging about how Chris Humphries found out Kim Kardashian was ending their marriage and it's all playing out. In a very public way just like their engagement just like the lavish wedding and ABC's. -- -- -- You have the latest towards him just him just like their whole lives drama play out front of the camera will -- and -- Are in different cities focusing on their careers and it appears they plan to keep their distance for good this time. But they can escape the fact that they are in an upcoming reality show together and it is rock revealing a lot about what led to their -- -- -- -- how she and stepped out of the glare of the spotlight and -- -- this locked down movie set Wednesday complete with heavy security these new photos show the reality star turned actress clutching her script for the new film ironically titled the marriage counselor. Over a thousand miles away in Minnesota -- -- Chris Humphries could be seen heading to the gym with out his wedding ring. His father William discussed the divorce with life and style magazine quote. It just came out of nowhere and blind sided -- how could someone do -- and the broken couple may have met in his hometown last week to talk things out face to face but now the divorce is reportedly full steam ahead. They had a pre nup -- can't be too messy and it seems that they both want ten things they both realize that's not. Good now even though -- -- caught off guard. There are reports the world's most infamous break up could bring the upcoming season of Kourtney and Kim take New York. To a halt it's not meant to me it's to me it's not every fairy tale. But he entertainment tells -- made the rumors are false the show will go on on November 27. This new explosive promo gives an inside look at what went wrong. You can hear a white. Under any different kind of carried on to win. She just couldn't deal with what she saw as verbal abuse says because -- very chaotic. Situation. She was something that she was not prepared for she dealt with a lot of name calling a lot. Ridicule. From her new husband. The ridicule didn't stop there overnight the former couple was even a hot topic at the CMA awards. For an hour. Today saying -- Some Tyler Perry fans and partially voiced their concerns over his choice to casket in the marriage counselor. One fan wrote on -- web -- you going cast -- talent -- expletive with no dignity in values or marriage will never support you again. They've also been some accusations that Kim has re edited. The show to make Chris look like the bad guy Chris Jenner was on late night talk the other night and that is absolutely not true we're just a real family and we wanted to be rock and -- -- settled -- -- -- -- -- -- -- all right. -- -- --

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{"id":14922669,"title":" Kardashian Divorce Finalized","duration":"3:02","description":"Andrea Canning reveals the details behind high-profile Hollywood separation.","url":"/GMA/video/kim-kardashian-kris-humphries-divorce-finalized-14922669","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}