Kim Kardashian Sells Wardrobe on eBay

Lara Spencer reports what has people buzzing on the "GAA" Pop News Heat Index.
3:00 | 08/31/12

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Transcript for Kim Kardashian Sells Wardrobe on eBay
doing back to school shopping. You can too if you're fan of kim kardashian. You can own a slice of her style. The reality star selling the CONTENTS OF HER CLOSET ON eBAY. There are a lot of kardashian kollection by sears. And major designers. Sizes range from 4 to 6 and designer shoes range -- 4 to 6? Depending on maker. On shoe, ranging from 6 to 6 1/2. This comes after, I don't know if you watched the program, kanye, her boyfriend, kanye west, criticized her closet on a recent episode of "keeping up with the kardashians." Kim is donating a percentage of the profits to charity. She's selling the clothing under the name of kim the princess. I have a challenge for her. Give it all to charity. just saying. And we move on. All right. Superswimmer ryan lochte is not satisfied with the medals from summ. He wantso conquer the fashion world and hollywood. He is, yes, starting his own fashion line. Please, tell me this doesn't mean we have to see him in shirts. Ryan, don't go changing, honey. Or maybe it's a line of speedo-style bathing suits. I offered you up as a model for upcoming fashion shows. Yeah, yeah. Right. Thank you, dude, appreciate that. Lochte is talking about getting into the biz, so to speak. He's telling this interviewer that his own reality show on e ! Is in the works. He's working on "dancing with the stars" or "the bachelor." You don't do both. You dance or live happily ever after. Cat owners and lovers on online videos of cats rejoice. There's now a film festival. Videos like kittens riding vacuums. Patty-cake cats. That is adorable. Patty-cake cats. And 77 other videos have been invited into the first ever viral cat video film festival hosted by the walker arts center in minneapolis. The list of 77 cut down from thousands of videos submitted. We have our own nominee. Ourroducers in the back found one. This was just put on. This is called I can haz cheese burger. The cat fighting the dog for the cheese burger. That is already trending with 50,000 views on youtube. Cat of lovers rejoice. The worldwide web is fabulous. Coming up, I don't know if you have heard. She brakes for many things.

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{"id":17128705,"title":"Kim Kardashian Sells Wardrobe on eBay","duration":"3:00","description":"Lara Spencer reports what has people buzzing on the \"GAA\" Pop News Heat Index.","url":"/GMA/video/kim-kardashian-sells-wardrobe-ebay-17128705","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}