Kim Kardashian Takes Heat for Kris Humphries Split

NBA star says he was "blindsided" by reports reality-TV darling wanted divorce.
4:31 | 11/01/11

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Transcript for Kim Kardashian Takes Heat for Kris Humphries Split
Joining us now Jen Garcia an assistant editor People Magazine who writes about the couple of this week's issue and ABC news consultant Howard Bragman joins us. As well -- there in California and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- wedding I was over the summer what's the latest that you're hearing on when and how things broke down. -- things really started to break down when shortly after they got married women moved to New York payments into a really interesting situation where she was living -- Chris and her sister Courtney her boyfriend their -- it's certainly wasn't. An ideal newly -- living situation. But it was so -- -- yes a federal ideal situation but they were traveling it wasn't like they were there all the time are there any other issues well I think the general thing here is that they rushed into it so can that really caught up in this it's fairy tale life. She's the first -- to say that she's in love with the idea of being in love. And she's -- hopeless romantic and she wanted what her family had and she really want -- that love so badly injured that she found a prince charming you know and it it wasn't what it appeared to not at all I'm Howard. Headlines all across the country including here in new York and they're calling and a a sham saying that it was a publicity stunt to get married like this to get paid millions of dollars that they did -- -- -- I really don't I've known -- for a long time and I believe her heart was in the right place. But I think there were so many unresolved issues before the marriage I think they've met. They fell in love they like each other in the train started moving really quick. And nobody wanted to say whole line is this the right thing for us and there -- a lot of unresolved discussions that -- happened early before the marriage. It did happen so quickly and but that could not have helped. Me. Kim was done so well in the business world how does has hurt her image Howard. I actually don't think it hurts her image if I could mix my metaphor. Kim has some very good map for -- lemonade in the cash cows. You know when your reality star drama is what fuels the reality -- and and love divorces and now just imagine Kim dating. It's going to be extraordinary and this is gonna put her on the cover of every magazine were all talking about it and you can better ratings are gonna go up. People -- the same Jensen. I did oh you know I don't think it has anything either of them want it I think can would've loved to have been on the cover of People Magazine showing off her new baby now it's -- really was something that. Just didn't work and it you know it's better that they got out of -- now. And -- -- no kids and it was. Exact past ten weeks like that in the -- that's not going to be messy is that -- because there was a there was a pre nup correct. No it shouldn't be messy at all there of their both wealthy people in their own right there was a pre nup. They have good attorneys and I think we'll get over it. But that doesn't mean that they don't have feelings that -- there's not a lot of emotion involved in even though -- a savvy businesswoman. I think she wanted to fall in love and be married to rest relies. And I know there's a sadness that will play out for her and I'm sure Chris is very hurt and angry and sad right now to. -- and we do have to keep that in mind because a lot of people are having fun. At their expense but Chris. Finding out that the media trump you know I will tell you sources told us that they had -- disgusted so they discussed a filing and Chris definitely was the one who wanted to stick it out he and he thought they were just going through some bumps in the road and -- work it out marriage was forever. You know can definitely gave a shot she wanted to work it out as well when she realized -- it a shot -- and we -- -- say that if people think ten weeks is that giving it a shot rat you know what I mean I'll hand it to -- she knew rather quickly it might just. Once she Neil -- want to drag it out any longer than it had to be so. You know -- she filed and I think he was caught up a little off guard and the timing of the filing but they -- certainly disgusted that a final word from you Howard appear advising Kim Kardashian what do you say to her. I would say go on with your life -- and it's going to be really hard for her to find a guy who's gonna believe that. Love is sincere but I think she wants that and I think she has to put her reality career aside. And focus on her personal life -- she really wants to be fulfilled and happy and I think she's entitled to that. Well it is a close knit family in another closing ranks right now and giving her the love and support that she needs the Kardashians. Howard thank -- and say thanks very much.

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{"duration":"4:31","description":"NBA star says he was \"blindsided\" by reports reality-TV darling wanted divorce.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"14856531","title":"Kim Kardashian Takes Heat for Kris Humphries Split","url":"/GMA/video/kim-kardashian-takes-heat-kris-humphries-split-14856531"}