One-of-a Kind Olympic Sports: Hammer Throwing, Trampoline

Cecilia Vega checks out a few overlooked Olympic events.
3:00 | 08/06/12

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Transcript for One-of-a Kind Olympic Sports: Hammer Throwing, Trampoline
us. 2:00 p.M.1:00 p.M. Central and pacific. There are sports you may not know much about. They don't always make the highlight reels. They'll make ours. Here's cecilia vega in london with more. Reporter: Oh, sure, michael phelps and gabby douglas, they get all the attention. What about the race-walkers, the handballers, fencers, shooters, hammer throwers? We got a lesson in some of those sports that many people don't know technically are sports. Hammer throwing 101. Reporter: A.G. Is a champion. It's more like a bowling ball on the wire. He gave me a lesson. Keep on curbing the ball. Reporter: The goal is to throw it as far as humanly possible. Forward, forward, forward, forward, where are you? Where are you? Reporter: Next up, the trampoline. It's just jumping, right? A lot of people think, that is easy. I can do that. It's not your typical backyard trampoline. The ones we jump on are much more powerful. Reporter: Savannah finished sixth. The easiest tricks seem impossible. That's okay. We can do something different. Reporter: Wait, do over. Here and -- Reporter: Oh, no, we're getting complicated. Child's play for these guys. For me, not so much. You're right. They say practice -- whoa, you're right -- makes perfect. Maybe with a little more practice, I could be one of the team. Or maybe not. For "good morning america," cecilia vega, abc news, london. Now we have nyu fencing assistant coach and 2016 olympic hopeful lauren willick here. To show josh and sam how to fence. It's not about speed or strength, it's a mental sport. You have to be fast and strong. But there's a stress on mental finance. The renaissance fair has me There's a bit of a challenge we're going to do. What is the goal? To put this on? Three weapons in fencing. They'll use foils. They have to try to hit each other in the torso area. Hit each other in the torso. There's a couple of things they need to know. I see your head gear, too. To get in the fencing position you have to put your weapon foot forward facing your opponent. The back foot. Bend your yis. You have to salute your opponent. You bring it down to the side. It's not like a boy scout salu salute. What is the goal? You want to hit him in the torso. So enguard. Fence. Halt, halt, halt. How are they doing? Dirty. 35, 34, 35. I would say this side has scored at least four touches to your one. One? I thought we bonded, prior to this. Come on, sam, you can do it. Oh! Do we have a winner? At the very end. Who is the winner? This side wins the last point. We were going to try to do a little handball. Do we have time if. I think we should. Congratulations, josh. Sam, you looked cute. Here we go with the handball. I got it. It's team handball. There are a lot of rule. We can't really get to. Essentially, it's like soccer on the ground, water polo on the pool. You want to throw those past her. She wants to stop them. Ready, amy. Good stop, good stop, good

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{"id":16939491,"title":"One-of-a Kind Olympic Sports: Hammer Throwing, Trampoline","duration":"3:00","description":"Cecilia Vega checks out a few overlooked Olympic events.","url":"/GMA/video/kind-olympic-sports-hammer-throwing-trampoline-16939491","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}