King of Bhutan Ties the Knot

Ruler of tiny Asian nation added to the list of this year's royal weddings.
4:11 | 10/15/11

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Transcript for King of Bhutan Ties the Knot
Well this has truly been the year of the royal wedding first William and Kate spent prince Albert of Monaco. And then this week in the tiny nation of good time nestled in the Himalayas between India and China another wedding there king tied the knot and our -- and Dan Harris. Was the only western reporter there for the big day He joins us now from -- time good morning to you Dan. Maybe not a good morning -- -- from the other side of the planet I remember vividly last spring when he's been all that time. Covering William and Kate in their royal wedding over in the UK. Well I am now covering a very different set of royal newlyweds. Here in a country that sometimes called the last -- -- -- where this morning they are wrapping up a huge. Three day national party. The royal newlyweds are spending this weekend traveling through the country celebrating with their subjects. King didn't -- one -- known as the Asian Elvis for his slicked back cloth along with his new bride that 21 year old commoner turn queen. -- in Panama. This is a love story in a most unusual setting -- About the size of Iowa with a population roughly equal to El Paso a place where there are zero stoplights. Where they just got their first escalator a month ago. And where the national animal looks like a cross between -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- At 31 king didn't -- has there is the youngest king in the world He went to college in the Boston area it is a huge Celtics fan. It was coordinated in 2008 when his father a man who has four wives all sisters decided to step down. After several years of national hand wringing about the -- persistent bachelor hood. He announced that he'd finally chosen a life yeah. A 21 year old student the daughter of an airline pilot a lover of painting and sports. She sometimes looked a little bit overwhelmed amidst all this solemnity and pageantry but there was one moment of real tenderness. As the king placed a crown on her head. And then caress her face reassuringly. There was no kiss on the balcony like with William and Kate -- -- too modest for that here. Well I've been here I've had the privilege of experiencing one of the most fascinating cultures on earth. They only got TV here in 1999. The Bhutanese answer to American Idol is called drew superstar. -- -- Marijuana plants grow freely all over the place here although nobody smokes to step. But what would -- is perhaps most famous -- is happiness. Instead of measuring their economy by gross domestic product. They do something called gross national happiness. -- -- Dan -- candidacy and congratulate and thank you thank gradually -- -- one shining example of boot times chipper attitude. Right in the middle of his own wedding McCain's surprise -- By asking whether I was having a good times always cool under pressure -- very smoothly filmed the ground during the entire exchange. Luckily however a camera from -- on national television was there -- broadcasting the whole thing live. -- -- -- -- One of the most beautiful places for us president. As He moved on continuing to work the rope line. He called me over once again. -- can you say congratulations. -- had to say congratulations barrels. And that was it my little King and I moment it was rather thrilling I have to say. The royal newlyweds after they're done celebrating with the rest of the country they're gonna have their honeymoon right here. In boot time and next weekend be out I'll be right back in New York -- you in my man Ron Claiborn. For now take care.

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{"id":14743482,"title":"King of Bhutan Ties the Knot","duration":"4:11","description":"Ruler of tiny Asian nation added to the list of this year's royal weddings. ","url":"/GMA/video/king-bhutan-ties-knot-14743482","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}