Isla Fisher's Strip Club Over Share

Stars of "Bachelorette" talk about the comedy's digital release.
3:00 | 09/05/12

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Transcript for Isla Fisher's Strip Club Over Share
well, if you can hear a song playing, we can't hear it. It's called "blonde and beautiful." It's on the soundtrack of "bachelorette." It debuted on itunes. It was the top movie on the charts. It stars kristen dunst, ila fish fish fisher. It's "the hangover" meets "bridesmaids." I want to start with a clip. You find out the at least popular girl in high school is getting married before any of you. And you're not exactly happy about it. I love her. She has a pretty face. Remember in high school? All the boysled her pigface. Everybody called her pigface in high school. The girls, becky. I want you to be with someone who shouts it from the rooftops. I know. That's why I can't really keep it a secret anymore. Dale asked me to marry him. Oh. That's insane. Oh. You love that expression, don't you? I actually heard that this movie is so racy, kirsten, you didn't want your dad to see it. This movie, he doesn't need to see some of the things I do in this film. Really? My brother, he can see it all he wants. My girlfriends, fine. My gram even watched it. You were already in one of the biggest movies about weddings, called "the wedding crashers." You have a story about your er's wedding that fed into the plotline for this movie. I was at a bachelorette for my mom before she got married. And I took her to a strip club. And I thought it would be fun. And we got there. And it was fun initially. I dressed her in a red dog collar. And I went to the bathroom momentarily. When I came back, a gentleman had removed his briefs. She was on stage, lying flat, and he was about to tea bag her. Are you serious? Good morning, america. Making the case. I'm not going to explain it. Okay. You can google it later. I'll google it later. I'm just curious. Is that the wildest bachelorette party you ever went to? I thought it would be fun. I thought it was going to involve, you know, gold boy shorts, not nothing at all. Lizzy, this is a women's project. Directed by women, written by women, starring beautiful women. How did the idea came for this? It was originally a play by leslye headland. And she did seven plays on the deadly sins, and this one is gluttony. Lightning round here. Which one of the three spent the most time at the kraft table? The snack table on the set? Me. I have a very low budget. I'm not sure we had that. You didn't have that? We had cakes. We had a medic. We were on the streets of new york. We would go to random restaurants. One time, she had gray meat. It was a philly cheesesteak that was amazing. Perfect. The movie is called "the bachelorette." It's getting rave reviews already. Congratulations. We're looking forward to having a big hit in the studios. Coming up, jason aldean and

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{"id":17159025,"title":"Isla Fisher's Strip Club Over Share ","duration":"3:00","description":"Stars of \"Bachelorette\" talk about the comedy's digital release.","url":"/GMA/video/kirsten-dunst-isla-fisher-lizzy-caplan-discuss-movie-17159025","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}