Kirsten Dunst Receives Early Oscar Buzz

Veteran actress receives rave reviews for her performance in "Melancholia."
4:52 | 11/03/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Kirsten Dunst Receives Early Oscar Buzz
Here's -- has been on the big screens and she was a little girl starring in the blockbuster Spiderman franchise stealing scenes from Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise -- interview with the vampire. But her performance in this new movie melancholy in May be her most celebrated yet. It's already won a best actress the kind of -- festival and we're happy to have kids in here to talk about it. Thanks for -- again -- to happen again -- just looking forward to this so much because the reviews are probably we'll hear the words being used to describe your performance superlative radiant emotional theory. Before -- can -- Halliburton got. But this -- you know this is it seems like a big departure. For you this role it's as Alyssa said earlier it's about a very depressed. Young woman who's just convinced. The world this -- and what would mention that so that. Well you know last country -- to me as one of the -- out towards overtime and -- kind of -- just don't come along for women in general. So it to be able to portray someone. Especially going for depression which don't really see on screen that often as well. Was I think it is is going to be SS very intense emotional journey for -- really are two different movies music and in want. Piano way it's like Avant and these two sisters dynamic in the first half -- Kind of when I'm going through in the second half -- her relationship that's -- push a little bit of what happens. We -- -- You know. -- Who now teaches. And you do so much you're working in this movie that's saying. A word to describe the character as -- -- manic depressive. Like -- continual and the way I can cut connect to this planet that doesn't exist. Is that may be that she came from that planet -- -- and it's gonna crash and Derek yeah I have a very emotionally. Like. Connection to this planet that's drawing me and kind of making healthier. Then the director large countries imagines -- terrific director and he was he'd been talked a lot about how is experiencing depression. Informed this movie managerial experience she -- performance. Well for me at every film but I do I definitely draw from from my own experiences and then. The where work is on us like character therapy between me and I'm playing into therapy candle and an epic but so fast -- -- you know rounded up because it. It isn't emotional journey and this film and and the director that I was working with it was very easy for -- it. Be open and and be very present. Creates an incredible environment. -- -- such a heavy so that he said it was the most fun you ever had and it's. Well I had had a knife because it was so freeing it was literally like doing a place sometimes we just roll you wouldn't know where the camera -- -- improvising. And so it would you know role for like ten minutes and you wouldn't know. Now what what what was coming out of that need to change it completely every time so is very inspirational for an actress -- have -- you're getting celebrated for who knows maybe the Oscar is next but I love what you said about how. He finally knew that you made it I want to pull -- -- -- right here Mike that your neighbors of Michael Stipe had half of REIT and that he actually actually -- in the final video of Mariana Diaz how America. He now is a very last minute thing he'd just email me it's like would you do this some of course and he sang to me actually -- a Helen Alice a third take -- did. Accident just three takes -- three takes. Afterwards it's expensive it's inspired by Andy Warhol -- -- audition tape. We've got a lot of tapes here because you have been working I mean since she was the smallest. Girl we went deep deep deep into the archives satellite -- area -- six years old. Calumet community -- -- the -- really funny. Not funny and they just keep kissing -- very -- that's really planning. Haven't seen that in Bradford. Had been painting the student so young that problems with a fresh. I mean you -- than any job and so it it changes for anyone I think who starts and something young and what it means for them -- they get older. And you got a lot more things coming up another big departure when I read about the next. When the next what is your command is actually raping you want to change. You're changing the title it my mom came up with the night before. Yet we've got to figure -- a different this kind of -- bridesmaids. It's not it's more about Heather's kind of -- so and it's like an all night kind of girl comedy. Yeah a lot of fun Anderson thanks for graduation thanks for coming -- thinks George.

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{"duration":"4:52","description":"Veteran actress receives rave reviews for her performance in \"Melancholia.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"14872575","title":"Kirsten Dunst Receives Early Oscar Buzz","url":"/GMA/video/kirsten-dunst-receives-early-oscar-buzz-melancholia-14872575"}