Kmart's Secret Santas

Anonymous donors have been paying off layaway accounts across the country.
2:04 | 12/17/11

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Transcript for Kmart's Secret Santas
Slew of secret Santas are mysteriously showing up at stores across the country helping people pay off their debts just in time for the holidays. -- -- -- dropped out of the sky. Wait an Angel at the checkout counter. People at a Kmart in Indianapolis say it really did happen. I took out my credit -- -- paid my minimum balance. She said don't pay that. I'm you know I'm in -- pouring in -- as was visited by this Christmas Angel -- -- lay awake owner. An anonymous stranger who offered to pay the remaining debt on her daughter's Christmas gifts. -- said what can do. For you. She's -- the only thing you can -- for. For me used to give back this secret CNN then paid other strangers debts and even handed out fifty dollar -- -- -- -- shoppers' parent. Sort of like the residents of Bedford. Bulls helping out old George Bailey. And just like your real Santa makes his whirlwind worldwide round the night before Christmas. These secret Santas have suddenly been popping up all across the country and -- like Nebraska Missouri Illinois Michigan and north terror. -- sure it's incredible I think gives me chills thinking about it and it yet another Kmart in Missoula Montana. You walk anyone and to pay -- for -- daily news. And I asked him -- they -- He -- didn't -- -- -- that we're gonna have Christmas and hardly news freedom your first best. There have been famous secrets and a beautiful war. Kansas City Larry Stewart a legendary secret CNN until his death in 2007. -- out nearly one million dollars over thirty years to families in need. -- Salvation Army kettles near Gettysburg Pennsylvania. Every year a gold coin worth 17100. Dollars. -- -- tourists who was able to make her daughter's Christmas dreams come true debt free. Thank you so much that this school she bears fan so I can't believe it.

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{"id":15177400,"title":"Kmart's Secret Santas","duration":"2:04","description":"Anonymous donors have been paying off layaway accounts across the country.","url":"/GMA/video/kmarts-secret-santas-15177400","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}