Kony 2012 YouTube Video Goes Viral

"GMA" catches up with the now-famous Ugandan boy at the center of the video.
2:07 | 03/10/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Kony 2012 YouTube Video Goes Viral
Exclusive interview this morning with the young -- at the center of that video that's captivated millions of Americans and celebrities pre teens even grandparents are sending this thing around. It stars a boy and you goddess who escaped the clutches of notorious war criminals and ABC -- economic tracked him down. -- is better and yes it's the movie that swept the country in less than a week they are innocent children and women surrounding him soon as celebs from -- -- to Ryan Seacrest were tweeting about it asking for your support to help -- an atrocity. The coney 2012 film about a you've gone in warlord garnered more than seventy million views in just five days. For comparison it took singing sensation Susan Boyle seven days to reach that mark. And the old spice guy -- five month -- Now for the first time we hear from the victims whose story launched a movement. Former child soldier Jacob the China and was filmed at nine years ago when he was thirteen. -- -- who live at Atlantic game. They don't -- We found Jacob in Uganda he was overwhelmed by the response to the social media awareness campaign. And by his sudden popularity. On FaceBook. Is and isn't friendly crowd and then one day. Jacob is now a 21 year old law student in the capital city of -- -- These days are busy with school work and friends. It's a good and -- -- -- -- -- the rebel warlord who raided his village forcing children to become sex slaves and soldiers. Was pushed out of you gone to by the military. But Joseph -- is still terrorizing thousands in neighboring countries. The campaign calling for his capture by the end of this year is drawing criticism and accused of oversimplifying. The issue for one thing. But to the young man who is now -- -- most famous victim the point truly is simple. A month and -- the market was saying -- with us he's suffering Bonzi can Connie ABC news Kampala Uganda.

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{"id":15892535,"title":"Kony 2012 YouTube Video Goes Viral","duration":"2:07","description":"\"GMA\" catches up with the now-famous Ugandan boy at the center of the video. ","url":"/GMA/video/kony-2012-youtube-video-viral-15892535","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}