Kris Humphries Breaks Silence on Kardashian Split

NBA star discusses time with Kim Kardashian in first TV interview since split.
5:22 | 12/09/11

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Transcript for Kris Humphries Breaks Silence on Kardashian Split
Humphries joins me along with his mother Debra Humphreys and both -- thank you very much yes so Chris Haskell. It's going to. Excited to be close of that to play in basketball and known Susan been doing a lot of things of my foundation and you know -- -- time of famine and you know working on my game oh -- you've been in the public guy from a very young age. He wants that back what has this experience -- It's been different but threw everything you know I'm just focused and you know family and prepare for best -- vessels Osman -- of that sort of taken really serious and you know I continue to do that and you know just moving forward and you moving forward from a divorce -- -- had a lot of people of divorce filing that a lot of people -- shocking when she filed tended for divorce. What did you think win she did. You know for me it's just. Certain things happen in life and you've got to move forwards. I'm excited to be where -- Right now with the NBA season come and and you know ready to goes. You respond. It but finally spoke both for legal separation and in the moment and in the normally wouldn't say that no legal union contract -- -- place what do you hope. The court will decide with regard to the -- One not focused on you know I'm really right now I'm focused on best moment you know other things we'll take care themselves. -- it's it's a great day for the NBA in the in the fence. For most people camp starts today I think for clocks. You know -- will be on the team soon and you're ready to go. Denver. Mean do you see this of course -- -- -- their from the beginning the beginning of the relationship as it took place really in front. Of television cameras from start to finish what was it like to see your son as a part of a drama that really became a melodrama. Well -- I think for us the important things to stay closest family and few ups and downs that come and done. You know it's our faith in god that carries us through all of these times and we try to focus son. Being thankful for things and being positive -- -- Chris talked about his foundation that's what we're focusing on right now is his foundation. And we have so much to be thankful for and that's really where our family is that right now we're not -- to with back return it just focus on moving forward. It get it it really did lands so heavily I just I wonder. Having a relationship in front of the cameras having an all take place with cameras in your face what impact. Do you think that -- on your relations. You know I'm not I'm not I can't say for sure enough for sure and so the only time of the merits. You -- I think that. You know evident from the cabin and nine -- BA since I was nineteen years old so you know it's a different level books. You know from its all about moving forward and did excited about the opportunity to give back to my foundation focusing on childhood obesity. And try to do some great things because life is more about you know how you can help other people and making the most study -- platforms -- I'm really focused on. Kinda we're going to be talking about that a little bit later this morning here on the show with both -- you. What's it like -- at least as we move forward to see. Is Kim moved forward but she's doing it on television. Do you -- but how was that to watch yourself to watch what has already happened knowing how it ends what's it like to see them on TV. Who think for -- -- the only things that really watch on TV of myself this play basketball game film stuff like that so. You know have never been someone who really like to watch you know the show on TV or anything like that. For me much focuses just. Basketball my foundation for -- and you know moving through do you think your public image is taking a hit in any way because of what's happening on television. I think that if if people know me and they know who I am -- what I stand for. I think that don't know that I love to give back in you know -- a -- -- and you know I don't really play into. All the gossip and things that take place you know us. -- this is the first time -- hearing from you do you still love -- This. You know I'm I'm focused on just you know what I can control which is. You know be ready to play ball and it's important my mom and it could convict -- -- And you mentioned the foundation I know that -- in Washington DC very quickly -- do you do you were there and I know this is. A part of you combined efforts tell us about that trip to the -- we had a great time the focus of that was on childhood obesity. And it was great to network with lots of people who are excited about helping out children. And it was really really fun to see the different initiatives going on in the country to fight childhood obesity so we learned a lot. And we need a lot we met a lot of really nice people that we can connect with on the -- -- --

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{"duration":"5:22","description":"NBA star discusses time with Kim Kardashian in first TV interview since split.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15120105","title":"Kris Humphries Breaks Silence on Kardashian Split","url":"/GMA/video/kris-humphries-dont-play-gossip-15120105"}