Kris Jenner on Daughter Kim Kardashian's Divorce

The star's mother talks about her new book, and her daughter's 72-day marriage.
4:38 | 11/03/11

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Transcript for Kris Jenner on Daughter Kim Kardashian's Divorce
Joining me now is Chris general author of the revenue blocked Chris Jenner and all things -- dashing and welcome to GM and my friends think he'll go anywhere on your way to New York contrasts for your new book and that's why am. Wow so. I mean wow -- could have been hit with you know anything more shocking and by the way you know to see that it breaks my heart -- there's my two daughters on one side of the world and you know. I sit here and it's just hard it's really really hope you say your shocked think what you were given a bit of notice. How did you guys come together what was the game plan and -- -- -- really wasn't a game plan and you know we didn't have lake. This big meeting to say this is what we're gonna do and this is how we're gonna behave it just was a decision that she came to after. A lot of -- you know heartache and pain and she felt like you know but for her -- very Smart girl and she loves really hard. And for her to come to this decision so suddenly. After 72 days as everyone keeps pointing out. -- -- has got to be devastating for her. And she doesn't do anything like light -- -- light heartedly. And her dream in life you know you know that her dream is to get married and have babies and raise a family and that's all. You know she's ever won it so and so which it -- it. Breaks my heart. She's she said she had -- fall over intuition shouldn't follow her heart you you're so close to her when do you think her heart was telling her. This was not -- I don't think she woke up one day and just have these feelings I think it's probably been awhile. Coming you know perhaps and she just wasn't sure you know if it was. You know she -- had -- you know -- before you get married or. I I don't know the exact -- that I'm sure it's not just the last week I'm sure she's had these feelings for a -- did you -- red flags. Kim hasn't been -- I -- you know in a little bit I wasn't sure if it was just the pressure of the big wedding nor I saw her. And you know. Changing a little -- and it really concerns me. And I I just I want I want him back I want her. Her delicious self to be I want her to be happy my mom wants her kids to be -- what was different what we're what's -- just took part in her personality she seemed. Alone you know worried. You know and but not her happy self. And I think that she's that means to me that she's she's in deep thought and she really considered that she doesn't do things you know just from on the -- She's a very thoughtful girl -- a huge heart you know she's the most generous friend and and daughter and -- and sister and so good to each other. And I feel bad for the girls I mean I know how much pain -- and thank god she has clearly there and you know that's making me happy that they're together they'll be home. You know I want -- -- -- want to talk about your book because it's it is a page turner to say the least but I do wanted to quickly ask you People Magazine reporting she can keep that big rock. What -- advice would you give to her about the -- well I hated Indian giver. Tell -- I think -- again. So yeah your gift I have. Our kids. In the -- the stories are mind blowing talk about keeping up. And -- but he keeps up with you between the two loves of your life that you've been lucky enough to have Robert Kardashian now Bruce Jenner. You you published a letter of the -- crash -- Saying you the night before the trial strategy OJ trial is very -- -- for a scene now no need to decide to revealed. Very personal. Part of yourself you know what I walk you through my childhood -- acre lot. I -- and -- and compelling met married Robert Kardashian and and that dynamic of that relationship and a big part of that relationship. After we got divorced was obviously going through that OJ Simpson trial and how -- you know. More to each other. He was on one side of the case I was on the other there was a very difficult time so the night before the trial he showed them my doorstep with the slaughter that he had written to me in my. At the time for children -- Courtney Kimberly Chloe and Robert and they were very young piano and tried to explain. His actions and I think it's very revealing -- and I think that you know after that you know I take -- -- that mean marrying a meeting Bruce Jenner. And where we are today -- -- you don't hold back but. That's not surprising did that now I'm kind of an open book know yeah and nobody intended the name of the book Chris -- and all things current -- and he loves having you know I love you -- and is under Clinton today nobody likes an Indian -- now.

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{"duration":"4:38","description":"The star's mother talks about her new book, and her daughter's 72-day marriage.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"14872124","title":"Kris Jenner on Daughter Kim Kardashian's Divorce","url":"/GMA/video/kris-jenner-daughter-kim-kardashians-divorce-kris-humpries-14872124"}