How Does Kristen Stewart Affair Affect Fans?

Kate Coyne, Dr. Logan Levkoff discuss reaction to "Twilight" actress' controversy.
3:17 | 07/26/12

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Transcript for How Does Kristen Stewart Affair Affect Fans?
half of hollywood's hottest couple. Kristen stewart plkly apologizing to her boyfriend, robert pattinson. What does this mean for the movie franchise and the fans. Joining us now, assistant managing editor kate coyne and logan levkoff. What are ewe hearing? She was living in his home. They were living together. She's still there. He's not. Not a good sign. Not. Logan, I want to ask you. We have seen such an outpouring line from fans that are truly devastated by this. We spend a lot of time living vicariously for celebrities. We feel like we can be them. Sometimes there's a big difference between characters, fant circumstances and reality. I think in this case, maybe there wasn't so much difference. I think that was fun for people to watch them on camera and go, wow, they're do this off camera, too. In this case, we seem to be seeing only one side of that. What happens next, personally, for kristen? Does it hurt her? The box office? It's hurting her right now. Out of the two of them, to be honest, she had the more promising career this terms of short-term potential. The film, "snow white and the huntsman" has done well. He has had less success outside of "twilight." She had a promising future. This could hurt. In november, there will need to be a lot of publicity done. There will be massive elephant in the living room now. Do row feel like the relationship can make it? It's difficult with all the unsolicited advice and guidance. She's a 22-year-old young girl and taking a very verbal beating from all of us. She's a young girl. Everyone makes mistakes. The twitter is -- run amok with -- do you think it was a mistake not the apoll skiz to his family? The family? I think one of the things about her statement. It did mention everyone involved. It clearly was the job of the director to apologize to his wife, which he did. She apoll squized to her partner. She did it in a way that may have been directed as much toward robert pattinson itself and the fans. It read a lot like bella swan apologizing to edward cullen. Thank you, ladies. Robin? Now to special report on extreme tanning. A new study found that 1 in 20

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{"id":16860763,"title":"How Does Kristen Stewart Affair Affect Fans?","duration":"3:17","description":"Kate Coyne, Dr. Logan Levkoff discuss reaction to \"Twilight\" actress' controversy.","url":"/GMA/video/kristen-stewart-rupert-sanders-affair-controversy-affect-fans-16860763","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}