Kristen Stewart Cheats, Robert Pattinson Moves Out

The very public cheating scandal has triggered an online firestorm.
2:59 | 07/27/12

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Transcript for Kristen Stewart Cheats, Robert Pattinson Moves Out
We begin with kristen stewart, robert pattinson the real life "twilight" saga. Amy robach is here with the story. Good morning. These days when a actor gets caught cheating and makes an apology. No doubt people are reacting with 100 characters or less. From online threats and tweets. And robert pattinson has made his feelings known as well by packing his bags. Another to kristen stewart's boyfriend, robert pattinson has moved out. These photos show a cargo van leaving the home the "twilight" co-stars share. This as public photos shows stewart cheating on pattinson with rupert sander, 41-year-old married father of two. No one knew him and understood him like kristen. That's why this is ultimate betrayal. Reporter: After these pictures taken on july 17th were released. Pattinson was horrified by her very public apology where she said this momentary indiscretion jeep diced the most important thing in my life. Rob. What he said was personal and he completely cut her off. Reporter: News is hitting lesions of twihards, well, hard. I can't believe she would do this. Reporter: Sobbing videos and even death threats like this. If it's true that kristen stewart cheated on robert pattinson, I would personally kill her. Thousands of women would love to be with him, and she has it and ruins it. Reporter: And faithfully tagged "kris did not cheat. And the story is not likely to go away. "Vanity fair's" cover story focused on her rising star. The two men both heaping praise on the woman in the middle. Rupert sanders saying she's got incredible electric energy and she has to find a ground to discharge some of that pow e-otherwise I think she'd explode. Pattinson adding the perception of her is that she's awkward. But it's funny knowing her. She's insanely confident and sometimes insanely brave. There is oe support for kristen. There's a petition. Where people can support her on, twitician.Com. And lady gaga said geez this kristen rob stuff is brutal. Makes me sad the way the press is handling it. I hope they're okay. Have a good weekend there, amy, thank you. We turn to alec baldwin. The woman accused of stalking

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{"id":16868215,"title":"Kristen Stewart Cheats, Robert Pattinson Moves Out","duration":"2:59","description":"The very public cheating scandal has triggered an online firestorm.","url":"/GMA/video/kristin-stewart-cheats-rupert-sanders-robert-pattinson-moves-16868215","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}