Kyle Richards on 'Life Is Not a Reality Show'

The star of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" discusses her new book.
6:24 | 01/02/12

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Transcript for Kyle Richards on 'Life Is Not a Reality Show'
You know her as the glamorous wife and mother of four on the real housewives of Beverly Hills to talk about Kyle Richards she's here live with us this morning to help you start. The new year with style -- -- new book it is called life is not. A reality show which he shared his secret to looking great and I'm little when she found her in the first a look at the latest in the -- of the real housewives. Get a reality series about extravagance style and drama. The Beverly Hills edition of the real housewives did not disappoint. The show features six sexy and strong willed socialize. Living in the -- -- -- Among them Kyle -- competitively down to earth and definitely not a it's -- we have a lot of evil people coming -- -- wife and mother report have become a fan favorite. There's something about having that accent and strengthen. Signals to period to the next -- often the most vocal when it comes to the shows now notorious flights. -- -- and you are -- she is also fiercely loyal. My sister and don't expect me not. Especially when it comes the family including her sister Kim who has battled -- it. A Wheaton. And her adoring husband of seventeen years -- CN yeah. Amazing. And then thanks for the compliment. -- husband. This season has featured her more sensitive side -- supportive of her developed Hashemi Taylor Armstrong. Whose husband Russell committed suicide. Fans say he never ceases to entertain or surprise still immediate. She does not take a reality star claims. All that seriously. I have three dollars and make the -- -- and they -- in the back yet. -- -- Israel joining us now talk more about the real housewives of Beverly Hills and her new book which is called -- is not a reality -- the show is Kyle Richards. There's something good to see a key thing you know you have it'd be -- did have special news we did my husband wanted to go to Las Vegas -- -- Last minute we hit Las Vegas on the way to see you -- did you have the -- and cook who usually daily -- handed compliment them. We slept two hours and the whole time he gets and I can't. Sentencing alienated. What we're. Really happy to have you here and have been informal poll with our staffers here you are their favorite you that's so real and I love how in the opening credits -- you say you're not the richest. But you're the lucky -- -- married for seventeen years Ford four kids three dogs. How do you stay so grounded. You know flat at sixteen years coming up -- altogether seventy and a half. -- -- -- grand -- I'm I'm just so appreciate them everything happened you know I'm very appreciative of my husband. And our marriage I know what we have removed and and make sure to it never forget -- make -- that he feels appreciated every day and that he makes me feel appreciated every day and. Not the cynic it is within earshot yeah. Like yeah. Make it -- him and and copies of -- husband talk I thought about it that -- -- -- -- -- accompaniment and. Good congratulations. England's people paying ability you know how you work together you do not hold back in the book or. In the show and I want to play a little bit more of an upcoming episode in its dealing. With your sister. This. My sisters on union occasion haven't noticed this is just ridiculous five times -- the -- had. Us authorities can Hershey and not what planet -- kept on asking if this so that's why don't. Detach yourself -- is -- or she can despite flat from the beginning element seems like -- cousin never worked -- really is always something. Now and is still likes aggressively and analysts can be I think she gets there. A lot of talk about your sister she is back in rehab how she doing to -- -- -- I just visited my sister and she's doing really really well. She's getting stronger every day -- -- her. I'm glad she's getting the help. That he needs and that's very important and you get some -- insistently advice in the book he give all types of a vice even give. Relationship advice and either sick how that you -- other home. You said it -- you cheat on your spouse once. Do not tell. You get a free pass because you've seen that -- what. I I was gonna get ready for math science I've seen circumstances. With people that I LR and -- their spouse. And they made one mistake and I said well mrs. somebody that I now nobody anybody who's here. That you know listen -- this really was. A one time mistake and you did not but this person jeopardy. I personally think -- should deal with it with -- yourself and with god. And not -- -- -- honey look I did because I knew that this would ruin the relationship and their life so I said it did not happen. And I can take many many many years later and they're happening because she didn't make that mistake and she has to carry that and live with that and it's -- me. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They're still plans songs them -- -- work for them that's all that really matters. Beauty advice to you I -- you. -- looked stunning. They really do my own hair makeup you know when it Elaine sit downs on the show I do have a makeup artist and it worked for years but. The most important thing to me about you is it doesn't have to cost lot of money so many people think that means that the rules than a hundred -- -- him do I really do use canteen. A lot of the last thing about my -- I'm not a paid spokesperson -- any product -- I can say that honestly and an even you know make up clothing everything you know my. But she's made gloom Valentina but the saxophones are I think it's like forty dollars place -- -- we have fifteen seconds left the one piece of advice he would give folks. On -- ultimately -- has put everything -- where confidence is the most important thing can happen you relationship beauty anything -- if you don't really feel it you can fake get. To you think all right -- what they regularly to the delight to me to.

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{"id":15273103,"title":"Kyle Richards on 'Life Is Not a Reality Show'","duration":"6:24","description":"The star of \"The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills\" discusses her new book.","url":"/GMA/video/kyle-richards-life-reality-show-15273103","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}