L.A. Shooting: Music Executive Dies of Injuries

A victim of a shooting at a busy Hollywood intersection died overnight.
2:08 | 12/13/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for L.A. Shooting: Music Executive Dies of Injuries
-- development in that shooting caught on tape at the busy Hollywood and one of the victims of top music executives died as George said overnight. ABC's Abbie Boudreau was there in Los Angeles with all the details for -- good morning after. Good morning Robin is really hard to get those images out of your mind a gunman walking down Sunset Boulevard. Randomly shooting and drivers and now we -- one of those victims has died. And a brazen morning shooting spree in Hollywood all captured on cell phone video as an unfolding. John -- -- area forty year old music executive was shot in the face Friday. His silver Mercedes just one of the cars caught in the cross fire at sunset and 9000 -- The gunman 26 year old Tyler Brian screaming that he wanted to die randomly fired more than twenty shots into the streets in a passing car. At one point stopping to ask for more ammunition -- I. I -- And I'm absolutely I haven't. Witnesses looked on in horror from nearby office buildings and apartments Christopher Johns even trying to draw the shooters attention from his window. I wanted to give a clear target to distract him from what it is doing. Moments later -- was killed by police overnight at a Barry who worked with artists such as Snoop -- and Michael Jackson. Died after three days in critical condition. This -- so. A wonderful wonderful and division. His girlfriend Sophia Holmgren spoke to KABC before. He says Hamas and friend to have. It's a constant -- having your life. Tyler -- shooter had recently broken up with his girlfriend -- -- -- good. The day before the shooting Graham center fourteen text messages and a voice -- telling her he loved her. She described -- misquote really stressed out lately and says he just started taking prescription drugs. Two other people were injured during the shooting spree but those injuries were minor such a tragic. Situation.

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{"id":15143516,"title":"L.A. Shooting: Music Executive Dies of Injuries","duration":"2:08","description":"A victim of a shooting at a busy Hollywood intersection died overnight.","url":"/GMA/video/la-shooting-music-executive-dies-injuries-15143516","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}