Lacrosse Murder Trial: Dramatic Witness Testimony

Witnesses for the prosecution testify about the couple's turbulent relationship.
2:36 | 02/10/12

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Transcript for Lacrosse Murder Trial: Dramatic Witness Testimony
-- testimony in the trial of the University of Virginia lacrosse player George -- -- accused of killing fellow student Yardley love a witness telling the jury that. On one occasion he -- -- virtually strangling love in a chokehold. Dramatic images evoke their ABC's Lindsey Davis joins us now with Mort -- Good morning Josh another day of high emotion grisly details and dramatic testimony filled the courtroom were lawyers continued to paint a portrait. Although volatile relationship between George jubilee and Yardley love filled with alcohol jealousy and accusations of cheating on both sides. For the first time Thursday jurors heard from Michael Burns a University of North Carolina student. Who told the court he hooked up with Yardley love a few times. Burns testified a few months before love's death he was at a University of Virginia party when he heard a woman yelling for help. He says he found Jorge Hugh -- with his arms around -- neck in a headlock. Burns says he intervened and love ran out of the room crying hysterically. Later telling him thank you so much I couldn't breathe. While Burress says he and love weren't dating their relationship apparently triggered an email in which -- -- wants wrote love I should have killed the burns was one of seventeen witnesses Thursday including a police officer who testified about the night -- was found dead. Her right eye was swollen shut he testified she had a black -- there was dried blood around her mouth and nose. The defense tried to suggest some of love's injuries were a result of CPR. But -- Charlottesville sergeant told the court based on his experience he could quote see that she was obviously the victim of violence she was bleeding should prison -- -- swelling. These are not the kind of injuries that CPR would even come close to cause jurors were shown the extent of love's injuries graphic photos of the scene. And her lifeless body. Photos hugely chose not to view he looked down his hands fidgeting there was also testimony Thursday that love had a temper to. A woman who dated -- police said an intoxicated -- once -- -- with her purse in a jealous rage. Even if it's true that the victim was violence in the past it anyway but doesn't excuse violence that might have been used at that crime scene on that day where she was killed. Several of Italy's lacrosse team is also took to the stand offering more details about the couple's turbulent relationship and Q -- heavy drinking. In fact one of his friends testified that they were so concerned about his excessive drinking. The Josh they'd actually planned to stage an intervention at the end of the lacrosse season troubling details. Thank you very much.

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{"id":15554078,"title":"Lacrosse Murder Trial: Dramatic Witness Testimony","duration":"2:36","description":"Witnesses for the prosecution testify about the couple's turbulent relationship.","url":"/GMA/video/lacrosse-murder-trial-dramatic-witness-testimony-violent-relatioship-15554078","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}