Lacrosse Star Murder Trial: Jury Selection Begins

George Huguely is charged with killing his ex-girlfriend, student Yeardley Love.
2:35 | 02/07/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Lacrosse Star Murder Trial: Jury Selection Begins
Return now to that murder the traumatize. The University of Virginia. Jury selection has begun in the -- Jorge Hugh Wheeler crossed star accused of killing fellow student Yardley love. Q is confessed to assaulting his ex girlfriend but says he's innocent of murder. ABC senior national correspondent Jim apple has the latest good morning Jim. Good morning George state to a jury selection in a crime that is dominated the attention of college town Charlottesville Virginia. The hunky lacrosse playing young man who after two years in custody now looks too big for his suit. And his ex girlfriend who once loved and has now lost. All eyes are now in this Charlottesville courthouse where a University of Virginia co -- family. Waits for justice. Yardley love was number one and the proud you VA look rusty George -- -- -- number eleven high school all American and star on the men's team. More -- wanted to team today. A striking 22 year old young woman and -- equally stunning on and off now 24 year old ex boyfriend. She murdered in violent fashion other main night nearly two years ago. He's standing -- died before the judge somberly pleading not guilty to first degree murder as the victim's mother and sister. Both dressed in pink -- the first day of jury selection for the trial scheduled to start this week. A crime so tragic it -- grown men across. Yardley love did nothing. To deserve to be tough. To beat Obama 47 year old with the children the ages both of these individuals. If you. Look at child. Not to mention the pain suffered by her teammates and family. -- is an understatement it's -- there aren't really. There's nothing to say that can convey how terrible -- To many it seemed the perfect college romance to star athletes once in -- But on that may not police say do -- admits he kicked in her apartment door and shook her. Yard these injuries included massive head wounds is attorneys say -- -- does not remember that. He did not believe that such a terrible thing could have happened. -- -- -- But an accident for the tragedy. If anything you can color. You -- parents have remained silent saying only they are devastated and confused. Feeling the love Fam les Payne and -- A murder and loss that is rocked the close knit lacrosse community at the University of Virginia. When you matter he just he just loved -- is -- my very best and. Opening statements in the trial expected to start tomorrow if they can finish picking a jury today.

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{"id":15528103,"title":"Lacrosse Star Murder Trial: Jury Selection Begins","duration":"2:35","description":"George Huguely is charged with killing his ex-girlfriend, student Yeardley Love.","url":"/GMA/video/lacrosse-star-murder-trial-jury-selection-begins-15528103","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}