Inside Gaga's Private Life

Robin Roberts chats with singer as she prepares for "A Very Gaga Thanksgiving."
5:29 | 11/22/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Inside Gaga's Private Life
My one on one with Lady Gaga -- always so passion about her charity her beloved fans -- family and yes. Thanksgiving if she doesn't stop her family's holiday traditions and other things. Dear to her heart including an extraordinary new exhibit. Of all. Things got. Definite god doesn't work -- -- 5500. Square foot wonderland for all ages inside Barneys New York. -- -- voice and so much more. All inspired by the iconic pop star for her charity the born this way -- things. This. His magical I feel like the kid you come in here Lady Gaga in your. Clueless about. How this all came about. Well we received wonderfully email from Barney is asking for the money to do -- collaboration for Christmas. And part of this collaboration. With -- -- has been centered around giving 25%. Of all of the get sold. To the born of faith foundation went to my mother nice charity the charity -- focus around inspiring bravery and kindness and you fell over the world. It's been an organization -- -- an anti bullying and my mom and I really passionate about that this is our passion project. I want everyone to gone around -- around and say one thing that their family makes at Thanksgiving for dinner okay -- god god is also passionate about another project for Thanksgiving special -- what -- -- this Thursday on ABC and. I was amazed when I heard that you directed and yes. Tell us about. What about it might then -- -- -- is now for awhile on working with some amazing people on so. I've acquired sort of why -- palette in terms of what I like to see visually and as an exciting for me to direct -- -- BC's special. And also to -- playing music video -- -- -- -- -- -- will be my first two solo project. You gonna blow people in my friend and I said I wanted to -- directed this I want to. I would hire them well -- can hire me I'm available. After Christmas I think I finally. -- so your holiday traditions with us and your family traditions I -- -- I -- plane went to. Love kids eat and eat all day long with my -- And watch you know whatever. TV special is gone and watch old movies and talk about the -- I would love giving gifts I island giving Gephardt and I like receiving guests and so Christmas the -- of my favorite time. You have your family on the road and in your family at home and home port visits. Have that time when it's just it's just kicking it and we hear -- sister -- mom -- -- We never never never gun man other family little monsters and never gone there always there because even if they're not -- that the house floor calling my father refuses to change -- home phone number there so. This phone assist ringing all day long and it's fans and whenever I'm -- he always gives me. The phone I'm sure many of lots of calls now conclude Thursday that it. But -- -- fun though as -- How old time it's taken me -- on ten fold. In any -- David fun and -- hi Annie says. Do you -- really -- but. And then they never really got. Town since. Graham and if she can't catch a little monsters on the phone Lady Gaga sure to grab their attention with her cutting edge style. -- -- my -- if you look spectacular. I love well -- -- as humans that are not just trying to get trying to keep up with you thank you bed. And the thing as a -- wondering what you're going to where you never. Disappointment. -- your style and his racing here and -- elegance of. Thank you love -- I'm very happy this is. Real Christmas moment for me because this is my first customs Chanel and when I was getting death with thousands got four coming to Barney -- -- -- saying it's like a wedding with no grooming her. Lot of other. So -- yeah. Well even got to -- Cohost George Stephanopoulos to hear about Halloween. He now -- banks say they know he's. Your Alter ego -- George Stephanopoulos -- who's. Pretty straight lays the buttoned up and everything. And I don't do you know yeah this this is George. Spencer -- -- We'll look for. -- and again and really -- -- slamming him and there because -- really. A beautiful -- why aren't hurrying morning. And held around highlight patent complaint with the -- -- We need to people who -- think -- even got the style of the doing great so you truth I. Wildly. -- teacher and her brother's jacket on the one. Very American -- God approved. -- doing all my god I need an energy business. Special it is Thursday night here on ABC.

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{"duration":"5:29","description":"Robin Roberts chats with singer as she prepares for \"A Very Gaga Thanksgiving.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15006090","title":"Inside Gaga's Private Life","url":"/GMA/video/lady-gaga-interview-inside-private-life-15006090"}