Lady Gaga and Madonna May Face Legal Action in Russia

Russian officials claim the pop stars have violated the terms of their Visas.
2:39 | 08/04/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Lady Gaga and Madonna May Face Legal Action in Russia
Well, we'll turn now to two of the world's biggest superstars potentially facing legal action in russia. The official behind the country's controversial anti-gay law now wants to prosecute madonna and lady gaga saying they violated the terms of their visas to enter the country but their outspokenness may be behind the threat and kirit radia has more out of our london bureau. Reporter: Russia is threatening some of america's biggest pop star, lady gaga and madonna did technically violate their visas but this seems to be more about their support for gay rights. ♪ I was born this way ♪ Reporter: No secret lady gaga is an outspoken supporter of gay rights no more than in her hit song "i was born this way." That's landing her in trouble in russia. Last year in a concert she spoke out about the city's harsh anti-gay law. Tonight, this is my house, russia. You can be gay at my house. Reporter: Under that law it's illegal to even speak about homosexuality around minors. Lady gaga has been accused of spreading gay propaganda. She's not the only one. Madonna also denounced the law during a concert in st. Petersburg last year. Here and all around the world have the same rights. Reporter: Now both of them are facing punishment. Technically because their visas didn't allow them to work in russia but the investigation came at the urging of the official who wrote the anti-gay law. I think the visa charges are really a shot across the bow for lady gaga, madonna and other international performers who are thinking about taking up the gay rights agenda. Reporter: That law has been popular in russia, a country where homosexuals are often the target of violence. It's been so popular, in fact, the law has now been adopted nationally. Violators including foreigners face fines, deportation, even jail. In the united states, the l has called for a boycott of russian products like vodka and even a boycott of next year's winter olympics in sochi. Russia announced it will suspend the law for athletes and fans during the games. Thank you for spreading the message of "born this way." Reporter: Russ hasn't announced to prosecute the pop stars but if convicted they could face steep fines or even be banned from russia. Concert promoters say if they are charged other big acts may cancel plans to perform in russia. So far no response yet from either lady gaga or madonna but knowing them we probably will hear from them soon.

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{"id":19865045,"title":"Lady Gaga and Madonna May Face Legal Action in Russia","duration":"2:39","description":"Russian officials claim the pop stars have violated the terms of their Visas.","url":"/GMA/video/lady-gaga-madonna-face-legal-action-russia-19865045","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}