Lady Gaga Talks New Album on 'GMA'

The iconic pop singer/songwriter is live in Times Square to discuss her new album, "Joanne."
4:39 | 10/21/16

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Transcript for Lady Gaga Talks New Album on 'GMA'
I'm here thousand with the one and only lady gaga. Her new album "Joanne" is out with "Perfect illusion" debuting on iTunes in 60 countries and she's just getting started. Good morning. Good morning, Michael. Nice to see you. Great to see you. Good morning, America. I like that. Good morning, America. And you know your title track "Joanne" can a very personal song. Well, actually my father is here today and my family, Jo P Anne was my father's sister. This album was named after her as well as my middle name. She died in 1974 and the tragedy really stayed with our family. Our whole lives and I wanted to makes a record about family and friendship and togetherness and learning from the past and so that's why we're here today. A lot of people described this as raw and very personal and you just released your third single. Tell us about that. Well, it is a great song. I love this record so much. I did it with mark Ronson and blood pop and Hillary Lindsay, a country writer from Nashville and this song, you know, I really want people to hear it and be reminded that, you know, we might sometimes not feel so great, but we are still and I want them to remember how awesome America is and how awesome we are as a country and the record says a-yo, we're smoking them all, we're still number one. You named some people you collaborated with but did quite a few collaborations on this record. Yes. Do you like collaborating? Stuff with Tony Bennett has always been fantastic. I loved working with Tony. One thing I love about this album, it is on Amazon, it's 3.99 on Amazon which is something special I think for your fans. It's so wonderful and generous of them and wonderful music experience of the fans. It was a wonderful surprise this morning. And also you said Johnny cash and Garth brooks was influential so did country music play any influence on this album? It did. You know, my mother is from west Virginia and I grew up listening to country music with her and I've dated my fair share of cowboy, as well. So that had an influence but the album isn't just country, it's folk, it's dance, it's pop, it's funk. You know, some of my vocal jazz influence also flies this there too, some rock 'N' roll influence from growing up listening to rock 'N' roll with my father, but essentially it is a pop record. It's just, you know, my brand of pop and what I like to make and push the envelope. I love my fans so much. I hope they love it. It's a special day. Your brand is working. I'll tell you that. Incredible musician and also you performed the national anthem at the super bowl last year. This year you're doing a halftime show. I now I talked to you before. You can't tell me exactly what you're going to do but tell me how excited you are. I am absolutely elated beyond and honored to be doing the halftime show. We've been already planning it and thinking of all the different ways we can make this a special experience for the football fans and, you know, I was thinking yesterday about how wonderful it's going to be to be also playing maybe a few new songs from the new record at the super bowl with my grandmother who is Joanne's mother. She's blind but she'll be able to hear I think from the stands and I think it will be a proud moment for our family and that means more to me than anything. Two things that come across every time I talk to you is family because your family is always with you and talk about your grandmother, father, mother and your fans and something you're doing for the fan, you are a doing this dive bar tour. We had two shows already, one in Nashville and one last night at the bitter end in New York City which was actually the first place I ever performed at in New York when I was 15 years old. So to be there last night was so amazing and such a throwback experience and yet I didn't even realize it until the show was over because I was so focused on doing a great show for the fans. I'm sure you did a great show for the fans and you're on the cover of "The New York Times" style edition. A lot of style. You and Michelle Obama, you're doing it all. You got it all down. Thank you, it was really an honor to be recognized in "Teen" package as one of the greats with Michelle Obama. Truly she is I think the greatest woman in our country right now. Her rhetoric, the way she speaks to the world, it's just been amazing to watch her candor and her love shine through on the TV every day and all makes us feel safe, I think. You make me feel safe sitting next to you with lady gaga. And the album "Joanne" is out now and let's go outside to

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{"id":42954495,"title":"Lady Gaga Talks New Album on 'GMA'","duration":"4:39","description":"The iconic pop singer/songwriter is live in Times Square to discuss her new album, \"Joanne.\"","url":"/GMA/video/lady-gaga-talks-album-gma-42954495","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}