Lady Gaga Responds to Weight-Gain Criticism

The singer posted revealing pictures to launch what she calls a "body revolution."
3:00 | 09/26/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Lady Gaga Responds to Weight-Gain Criticism
Now, we turn, george, to lady gaga. The superstar delivering a public and personal response to attacks on her weight. Posting revealing pictures of herself on her website. And launching what she is calling a body revolution. It's a brave step and a very powerful message. Take a look. ♪ I'm on the edge of glory ♪ and I'm hanging on a moment of truth ♪ Reporter: She has achieved pop icon status, as for her music as for her brazen confidence. Flaunting her tone figure in hit videos like "born this way." ♪ I'm on the right track, baby I was born this way ♪ Reporter: Now, though, lady gaga has proven to her fans that her message of self-acceptance is not just for show. They are words she herself lives by. In a stunning move, lady gaga announced her struggle with her weig. Posting this picture with the caption, bulimia and anorexia since I was 15. The declaration after a curvier gaga surfaced in a tou stop in amsterdam. Now, she's taking aim at critics who say the pop songstress has packed on too many pounds. Tuesday, she posted these pictures of herself, on her social website. Launching what she calls a body revolution. She is hoping to spark debate about self-love. And asking her little monsters to post pictures of themselves, celebrating triumphs over insecurities. Lady gaga is telling them it's not okay. It we're not going to have it anymore. Reporter: In an interview with z 100 radio host, elvis durant, gaga was unapologetic about 25 pounds she just recently gained. I really don't feel bad about it for a second. I have to be on such a strict diet constantly. Reporter: Of course,this isn't the first time lady gaga has used her star wattage to empower fans. In february, she launched an anti-bullying initiative. She told robin about her passion project last fall. The charity's around inspi inspiring bravery and kindness around the world. Now, gaga hopes this campaign will inspire a new kind of bravery. ♪ I'm on the right track, baby ♪ Reporter: As fans join gaga's body revolution by posting their own videos and stories, gaga has been responding to them, praising people for being amazing and brave. She's going person-to-person trying to inspire people. Lara, thanks very much.

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{"id":17327783,"title":"Lady Gaga Responds to Weight-Gain Criticism","duration":"3:00","description":"The singer posted revealing pictures to launch what she calls a \"body revolution.\"","url":"/GMA/video/lady-gaga-weight-gain-critics-prompt-response-singer-17327783","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}