Lady Gaga's Barney's Workshop: Exclusive Tour

Pop superstar's Barney's workshop will sell Gaga-inspired outfits for charity.
4:52 | 11/22/11

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Transcript for Lady Gaga's Barney's Workshop: Exclusive Tour
My conversation with Lady Gaga music is just part of the Grammy winning the super -- appeal her jaw dropping outfits inspired fans around the world. And now from little monsters can have a little bit of that -- to -- -- new workshop wonderland at -- here in New York. If you gave us a personal -- -- we've got guys. On the edge of glory then the only word to describe god -- workshop at Barneys New York is simply -- glorious. A feast for the eyes and spectacle for the senses a maze of marbles. From the sugary sweet innocence of childhood he beyond glamorous superstar -- -- -- Jewelry. Sunglasses and here's a whole. Press announced that -- we are kids of the candy story. Fifty. -- -- -- -- With 25% of proceeds going to her born this way foundation this is pure -- The -- And the -- two. -- bad romance video. Disease all of outfits and think that -- in the past so this McChrystal -- glad dance. This is my meat dress. In my bubble this thing today and dance. And then here's. My -- on cookie and kind of -- seen it yet can have a big -- and go kicking his dancing back it's -- And he could get a box of Obama tech. But it's not just little monsters who could find something here there's something for everyone even me. I got a little make over from the fairy godmother -- fashion first down. And I think could be. His. I've been behind us leather jacket -- -- -- It assumes that you put it. And the and sending you know -- -- -- I -- I -- sandwich. Here you'll find everything from clothing that will turn sidewalks in the runways -- shall we say simple -- stoppers. -- -- Thomas yeah -- and parents is as a good thing explain that Havana and back in my -- Canada pension. If people -- the completeness in the stockings. But of course they will not be going in just any ordinary -- -- -- -- -- us to have came from there have never been stockings hanging like this ever unmanned my chimney. And speaking of -- From what she what she did I don't think you because you're we are very. -- in your mind -- it's an attack. But there on display there act to exit and wealthy confused some of the things that high the spaces -- influenced by all the walks of life. And it just seems like to -- the evolution of -- I think Clinton to be something where mainland and in some things that are affordable on some things that are more special. I know as a child. Your mother had influence here and then let us know the books that you read. Yes -- were growing up scene I -- some of my favorite. About this all by rob and in let me special edition for -- -- special except. That's got to reflect upon his high. -- -- -- -- -- What you have done as -- five year old. Walking -- to some place like this why don't know that everything on my face and I a couple of different staff reports -- a bit but I. -- Whenever I -- -- and I hate to be. Partial to one particular -- that this -- Is my favorite this is hot hair -- section. -- -- -- -- Yeah. This uniform and communicate almost unanimous what I really was -- this way. Shame is so down to earth. So approachable. So giving and against 45%. Of the proceeds from all these gifts will go to her born this way foundation that she recently established from your -- on Kelly -- Let them know that don't just sort of shocked them but I didn't buy gifts for my friend in -- and it's as Dutch authorities that'll be. Up until January 2. The 518. -- -- -- my Democrat signs that have like. -- and god I guess I just fatal side want to come here. You know also -- of a -- her very -- got Thanksgiving special that airs this Thursday night 9:30 PM central right here on ABC.

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{"id":15006133,"title":"Lady Gaga's Barney's Workshop: Exclusive Tour","duration":"4:52","description":"Pop superstar's Barney's workshop will sell Gaga-inspired outfits for charity.","url":"/GMA/video/lady-gagas-barneys-workshop-exclusive-tour-15006133","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}