Lady Gaga's Thanksgiving Special: Sneak Peek

Robin Roberts talks to the singer about "A Very Gaga Thanksgiving."
3:02 | 11/24/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Lady Gaga's Thanksgiving Special: Sneak Peek
Our Robin Roberts sat down with the star this week for. A rare one on one interview looking ahead to. To tonight's ABC's -- Forget that bad romance is all about love this holiday season for the queen of pop pop so your holiday traditions with a severe famine conditions went to. Love -- and eat and eat all day long with my -- And watch you know whatever. -- -- -- -- Get ready little monsters it's going to be a very god got Thanksgiving I have to say -- -- room with a -- Thanksgiving special and it is -- you war. Special. I was amazed when I heard that you directed the F tell us about what about it. -- then doing videos now for awhile on the working with some amazing people on so. I have acquired sort of why -- palette in terms of what I like to see visually and as been exciting for me to direct -- -- BC special. And also to direct playing music video for -- the night. The ninety minute concert special features musical performances. Days and now I want everyone to gone around the room and say one thing that their Stanley makes at Thanksgiving for dinner okay. -- arts and crafts -- third graders tonight I have asked our to prepare breaths and fried Turkey and lawful. And swapping recipes with celebrity chef Art Smith. We just enjoy ourselves so much sense that. Every set up every. Interview every -- I mean I am I -- -- like twenty hours straight one day. And everyone was saying are -- going to get tired and I have known to. It's really -- and it's really thank you thank mom. Being thankful is what this holiday's about after all. But this special comes with another message this science and. Your identity being the most important -- here. Raising awareness about bullying and telling everyone to love themselves and accepting we were all born this. It's his hand it's one of those sevenths when you hear people singing and some of them are crying listening because it's thank. -- for the first -- that -- like someone gets them the fifth. -- liberation and I'm just very very. I'm very happy to have a family and my fans because it can get -- -- -- on the road. Doing what I do for a living. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you can see it -- special very -- got Thanksgiving tonight 93830. Central right here on ABC.

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{"id":15023295,"title":"Lady Gaga's Thanksgiving Special: Sneak Peek","duration":"3:02","description":"Robin Roberts talks to the singer about \"A Very Gaga Thanksgiving.\"","url":"/GMA/video/lady-gagas-gaga-thanksgiving-special-sneak-peek-15023295","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}