Lady Gaga's Oprah Interview

World-famous artist tells Oprah Winfrey she is taking a break from interviews.
3:36 | 03/19/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Lady Gaga's Oprah Interview
Now -- -- I've never revealing interview the superstar sat down with Oprah the talk about everything from her desire to get married -- kids to the childhood home where she grew up. You know those tickets back with much more on this since someone watching out -- the last time that I was just watching and watching Robin it was a candid look inside the life of one of -- most extraordinary women in the world. And what's most surprising is how ordinary her family live really was when she was growing up her mother jokingly admitted that at times she and her husband thought that their daughter. Might have a screw with -- that the -- It is six candid look behind the curtain of Lady -- -- private and often misunderstood world. Courtesy of Oprah so -- we -- to. -- in on a Saturday night when. Ten years ago in this house what will we see. Ten years ago well I would have been fifteen. Which means I was not to go anywhere including from inside a Manhattan apartment where -- I grew up and her family still lives. -- -- -- -- I pay about five. -- just -- issues about for our hand her school -- self taught herself did you want to steal something then did you feel I don't she's got something we always -- always -- again. -- fans hearing for the first time from the woman their mother monster calls mom. There's only one thing I don't like casinos within -- -- -- -- -- that's what you think it's not lady well no I -- -- effective without. Now you know need to -- mommy -- -- I get I hit something I didn't. Some sex when I'm on stage and I say something like that she's up to this time with my father I see it my father child time my mother goes. Forget that during the interview part of Oprah's next chapter on own. The pop superstar mentioned a surprising musical influence. My greatest influence and was let me she -- me as the greatest of all time. The greatest of all time. Now after three albums three tours in another on the way -- -- adored by millions. But historians love and marriage -- -- says bring it on DC visions of yourself as a. The wife and mother yes I want kids on a soccer team who and I won a husband I don't have one cat island have happy if children. Yeah. I -- experience that who has not yet yes -- up. Instead the pop phenom -- fled -- interview would be her last world wildlife she focuses on herself and her music. Other -- -- I do not intend to speak to anyone for very long time this is my moment for me. Two. Experience and rebirth with planned means that. And when asked have gotten -- manages to keep grounded she said that she avoids reading or watching any press about herself or the industry in general yet she has 21 million followers on Twitter that's how were -- many -- -- to keep up with her. And she has really use that platform for goods or something that she will be continue to work -- -- that's right the bullying project as well she and her mom are working together. On this foundation and she really has inspired so many people around the world she herself said she was -- that the child who says she has something a message to send to kids around that this is great for people to see her in that light with a minus and it's funny like you with their mom you don't become active and you have to share. She's a mom and has a lot this arrogantly thinking.

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{"id":15952718,"title":"Lady Gaga's Oprah Interview","duration":"3:36","description":"World-famous artist tells Oprah Winfrey she is taking a break from interviews.","url":"/GMA/video/lady-gagas-oprah-interview-singer-silent-15952718","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}