Lady Gaga's Parents Open NYC Restaurant

Chef Art Smith cooks up some of pop superstar's favorite foods.
4:09 | 02/01/12

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Transcript for Lady Gaga's Parents Open NYC Restaurant
Dallas' great way to end the show the last half hour somebody's over here -- the -- you fill up hysteria -- -- part of -- all morning long. Actually leading gotten us parents Joseph and Cynthia German on opening an Italian restaurant called -- Pretoria right here in New York actually like a block from our -- town offices. Good news and the man behind -- balls master chef Art Smith joining us now to -- up. Some lady got us favorites first off tell us about this it's really going to be the labor of love a passion project. It truly liberal -- what's great about it is it's a labor -- to -- drainage German not a Lady Gaga -- father AK -- a guy got awards went to restaurant. And you know pop went to a hotel restaurant school and his dream was always -- realized this was it exactly and you don't we make a lot connection behind at the Oprah Show. You know gaga I think honey elephant by pals with the bad romance you by the way I delegates -- I would like -- -- -- -- you have budget -- cover and and so we became friends engines are dead against that I want to do restaurant and -- -- what kind of restaurants is a motel and restaurant any sort of tell me about passion for cooking. And and I said which I think we need to look it up now -- -- we were on this are packing the pounds and -- Twelve. He loves food and Cynthia his wife and Natalie never -- And so we put together family recipes and -- family recipes are inspirational what what that what we know people like -- -- and protect. You soak -- -- chip bottom we got this -- were making their German not a meatball and we take ship bottom bread wheat. Crumbled that we so that would global milk -- -- -- good -- at some garlic. I don't know what -- Italian -- you can't have enough we're gonna add some onion. And so. They you know they they all they've always loved the upper west side and they wanted to bring this wonderful restaurants the upper west side which is sure we're we're neighbors quite ordinary wildlife the Annapolis city and innocent and I and I here's -- I think -- got the -- -- The secret word that we can go to the back on as yet table -- -- -- like jam yes there is -- -- part of just a foot yeah tell America. Thought that's our disaster bishop amidst the solemn and excel at the provision what you do that instead of -- salt -- And I'm so together you know we've we've worked on this wonderful restaurant we've got some amazing. Does that make the group of people working together on an. Papa Joseph is at the Helm of the ship. And and Cynthia had set the phone answering all the super -- me going again what we did we've added some. It's -- -- it's actually a half pound upbeat and a half pound -- -- it also making -- Turkey US hello Larry. Does it say thank you feel what it was my TV of the -- -- So just a little bit of olive oil you to get -- -- really hot yeah. And where we're gonna do is we take an army mom ball mixture is gonna mix it up really well you can actually make that the night before yes can make it and make -- -- editorials and yes. And which gets great flavor. And then we just take -- meatballs. Sucks and we had to steer -- in they. How long are we -- -- be -- for. You want to steer them to -- -- I would say about three to four minutes until you've got to nicely nice here -- a little sort of wanted to do that restaurants including this we felt tomato sauce which is actually leading tax relational blessed are. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Aren't really true that you can't get ready. You can get refugee camp we we have you know were openly on the but he had -- -- incredibly popular. Incredibly popular and you know and they've just been really amazing but we have lots of opening throughout the month and then into the year. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- She not only can perform and make incredible music but that child loves to cook I don't want to say something she could tell you every flat deadbeats don't look every food show. And what they did what they collected everything she makes the best -- Alton -- stuff. It would have made it three federal. She loves it with whole week and that we made it and commitment to have help them in the restaurant. Delicious fish actually wonderful and we apologize chicken as well we're -- Thank you -- not -- family recipes and seasoned beat you.

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{"id":15487995,"title":"Lady Gaga's Parents Open NYC Restaurant ","duration":"4:09","description":"Chef Art Smith cooks up some of pop superstar's favorite foods.","url":"/GMA/video/lady-gagas-parents-open-nyc-restaurant-15487995","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}