Meet the Doll Maker Behind Lammily the 'Average Barbie'

Nickolay Lamm's new doll challenges the unrealistic body image presented by the Barbie doll.
3:00 | 03/26/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Meet the Doll Maker Behind Lammily the 'Average Barbie'
Nikolai -- BS I am Pittsburgh from by the way -- the great city. I wanna designer and creator of and a -- only the average size of this is I don't actually advertised Barbie doll line. So that the first I want -- -- in the initial idea that you had again to design the but -- all with the average measurements of a nineteen year old woman is fascinating -- to this spring from. You know I'm very aware of the body image issues and -- think I'm weird. And high school. It's not to lose a lot of ways -- -- -- six track soon. He's not a guy in the area we're going -- Body image issues surrounding. -- fashion no. I -- tell you I have two daughters Josh has a daughter and my eleven year old is already so conscious. Of what her body looks like so. From this -- to you I say thank you this is tremendous. And what has the response -- from moms and from for women -- -- min -- from around the world. Well you know I've been receiving a lot of emails saying -- -- inner thank you for injurious. And there is he knows -- Monday because that's that's why hasn't this project from first thing. Because the Barbie it's it's so out of touch with reality and it does impact little girls and how they think they're supposed to lot and so I also wonder. Aside from the message which is a wonderful one children how how of children taken to the goals as adults. -- -- -- -- -- Well -- body image issues surrounding it and White Sox -- I feel it's cool to have acknowledged countless things a little person. The annual meeting base case this -- -- -- a little person and it's kind of concerned because of the and how to kids get their hands on one of these dogs. Or you can always you can pre ordered units available it's gonna be shipping in November's jury announces third pre order -- -- dot com. Why hasn't been done -- market -- is like striking me means so I just wonder for you to. Welcome change with what would this and been for you. And spend -- Hollywood still slung the hair and that had but it popped up in all the same type of thing they do with -- but I think when you look at the on the box it's that in itself. The want and need I need to be like that it would have. Changed my respect and I don't think that you even consciously are aware of the difference it just changes your mind slowly but surely in an what you look to -- to -- what -- -- if -- like no that's normal we're not all different types what we're life wasn't it just changer in here without even knowing what's. -- that blood -- -- didn't tune to your point that. You know what Serena with her dolls and her two boys and because they are so -- -- I think she can actually just see them as my -- things that. When you have this it is like having a person I didn't need just didn't I think it's I think that goes both -- again. One more time viewers who want more info we're coming up. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Apparently I admire -- It often end up ice we should point out you also get to -- Your -- dollars just so -- -- congratulations yeah.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Nickolay Lamm's new doll challenges the unrealistic body image presented by the Barbie doll.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23064665","title":"Meet the Doll Maker Behind Lammily the 'Average Barbie' ","url":"/GMA/video/lammily-doll-challenges-barbie-body-image-meet-doll-23064665"}