Lance Armstrong Doping Confession: Why Now?

USA Today columnist Christine Brennan discusses the cyclist's decision to come clean.
1:45 | 01/15/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Lance Armstrong Doping Confession: Why Now?
Let's get more on this from "usa today" columnist, and abc news sports consultant, christine brennan. She had 2 1/2 hours with armstrong. You've been working your sources. And you have details to what he admitted to. That's right, george. He did admit, according to a source I talked to late last night, that he started doping in THE MID-1990s, THAT WOULD BE Precancer, leading to the question many of us had, did the doping cause the cancer? I understand that oprah did not ask that question. That's a big question. We're learning more about what neal just talked about, the talks with the anti-doping agency. Including in "the wall street journal," reports of a remarkable meeting between lance armstrong and the head of the agency in december, where it ended angrily. Lance armstrong telling the leader, you don't hold the keys to my redemption, I hold the keys to my redemption. It sounds like an immature child, really. This is a window into the world of lance armstrong. He's distraught. He should have thought of this back in june when the same u.S. Anti-doping agency gave him an opportunity clean and be part of the solution. Instead, he kept battling and fighting in a belligerent way. And now, he faces, even if he gives up all of the goods, a full debrief, we are reporting, with the anti-doping agency, in the coming days and weeks, that would reduce his lifetime ban to eight years, which would take him up to his 50th birthday. Which means he's not likely to make a lot of money competing in triathlons. He's done with cycling. He cannot come back like other athletes like michael vick or tiger woods have. Thanks for reporting this morning.

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{"id":18218214,"title":"Lance Armstrong Doping Confession: Why Now?","duration":"1:45","description":"USA Today columnist Christine Brennan discusses the cyclist's decision to come clean.","url":"/GMA/video/lance-armstrong-confesses-oprah-interview-confess-doping-now-18218214","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}